Psychology Jobs

Our psychology job board provides a daily update of recent job postings for psychologists and related positions in psychology. You can view psychology job openings nationally or narrow your search to view open positions only in your state. As a student, you may want to review job opportunities to research the qualities and qualifications that are frequently sought after by employers so you can best position yourself as a job candidate once you’ve graduated. Make sure to check back often as new jobs are posted automatically throughout the day.

Psychology majors tend to find employment in a wide variety of jobs in every sector of the economy. To find open positions that fit your interests and strengths, enter specific keywords into the search field below as well as the city and state where you are seeking employment. Some examples of possible jobs for psychology majors include: community service manager, human resources specialist, human factors specialist, management analyst, market research analyst, police officer, public relations specialist, psychologist, sales representative, and social worker. If you are interested in working in one of the fields listed below, check out our recommendations for each. To see a longer list of possible career options visit our psychology career center.