Psychology Schools in Texas

The following guide to psychology schools in Texas contains essential information, including several profiles of specific psychology undergraduate and graduate programs, which will help you make an informed decision about the best program for your academic and career goals. Texas’s colleges and universities offer a full spectrum of psychology concentrations in areas including psychological services, school psychology, clinical psychology, and neuropsychology. Students who need a more flexible alternative may want to pursue a bachelor’s or a master’s degree in psychology online.

Quick Facts:

  • There are 98 colleges and universities with psychology degree programs in Texas.
  • 53 schools provide a master’s or advanced degree in psychology.
  • Highest graduation rate: Rice University 92%1
  • Highest transfer-out rate: University of Houston, Downtown 47%1
  • Highest net price: Southern Methodist University $30,5741
  • Lowest net price: Texas A&M International University $1,9251
  • Annual undergraduate tuition range for schools in Texas with psychology and counseling programs: $6,368 – $35,160.2
  • 3 Schools in the Kiplinger’s Best Values in Public Colleges in 2013: Texas A&M University (18), University of Texas at Austin (27), and University of Texas at Dallas (60).
  • 6 Schools ranked in US News National Universities Rankings in 2013 (top 100): Rice University (17), University of Texas at Austin (46), Southern Methodist University (58), Texas A&M University at College Station (65), Baylor University (77), and Texas Christian University (92).
  • We found 11 highly ranked psychology doctorate programs by the National Research Council (2005-06) S-Ranking: University of Texas at Austin (34), University of Houston (42), University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas (87), Texas A&M University (89), University of Texas at Dallas (95), Baylor University (99), Rice University (105), Texas Christian University (153), Texas Tech University (166), Southern Methodist University (191) and University of North Texas (227).

*For 4-year colleges and universities with psychology degree programs. Transfer-out rate is the percentage of students who started as a freshman in 2005 and transferred to a different school without earning a degree at the initial institution.

Keep reading to learn more about several of the popular undergraduate and graduate psychology programs in Texas.

Psychology Undergraduate Programs in Texas

University of North Texas
The University of North Texas awards both the Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology and the Bachelor of Science (BS) in Psychology. Students, who plan to pursue a doctoral degree, are encouraged to choose the Bachelor of Science program. Regardless of the degree, psychology majors must complete a total of 35 core and elective psychology credits to fulfill degree requirements. Psychology majors have the opportunity to engage in research with faculty members and oftentimes go on to publish research findings in noted journals of psychology. Eligible students may want to apply for admission to Psi Chi, the national honor society for psychology students.

Texas Tech University
Undergraduates at Texas Tech University may pursue a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology. Students must complete 34 psychology credits and two courses that are writing intensive to fulfill major requirements with the overall program requiring 120 credits over an estimated four years. Psychology courses encompass such topics as the psychology of learning, personality, cognition, and the development of child thinking. The campus also features the student psychology organizations the Psychology Club and Psi Chi. Those students who intend to continue on to doctoral studies may want to engage in research projects or in service activities within the psychology department.

Psychology Graduate Programs in Texas

University of Texas at Tyler
The University of Texas at Tyler confers the Master of Science (MS) in Clinical Science with concentrations in neuropsychology. Graduate students may also concentrate in school psychology, which requires a 1,200-hour internship. Students who complete the school psychology concentration will then be eligible to take the license in school psychology exam as given by the Texas State Board of Examiners. Successful applicants to the program must submit GRE scores (average combined scores are typically 1000), three letters of recommendation, and a statement of purpose. Graduate students can begin the program in the fall or in the spring semester.

Texas State University
Texas State University features a 38-credit graduate program leading to the Master of Arts (MA) in Psychological Services. Because the program is still relatively new, students do not have the opportunity to concentrate in a particular area. Graduate students must complete such core courses as biological bases of behavior, multivariate statistics, research methods and experimental design, and a two-semester research seminar. A thesis is mandatory. Six elective courses are required with students able to choose from nearly two dozen electives, such as an internship, industrial social psychology, forensic psychology, psychological therapies, and abnormal psychology. Research opportunities with faculty may also be available.

Schools with Psychology Degree Programs in Texas

Note: Student Reviews are based on the experiences of a few individuals and it is unlikely that you will have similar results. Please review the “Data, Student Reviews and Other Information” section in our Terms of Use and Disclaimers.

Abilene Christian University
1600 Campus Ct
Abilene, TX 79601
(325) 674-2000

Student Review: “I really loved the Psychology program at Abilene Christian University. The classes were generally amazing and taught by top quality teachers. One or two of the teachers were not great, but they were by far the exception instead of the norm. I was also able to participate in the department’s PCT program (Professional Career Track), which afforded me several awesome opportunities that your average state school psychology student doesn’t get. For example, I did a summer research internship with the departmental chair, and I got to present my findings at a professional conference. Additionally, I had multiple career/grad school prep sessions through the department. Finally, I had the opportunity to participate in the psychology department’s special study abroad session over one summer, in which we went to Germany and studied the psychology of ideology and talked about everything from Martin Luther, WWII, and the Holocaust to Bonhoeffer and more.” – Student at Abilene Christian University

East Texas Baptist University
One Tiger Dr
Marshall, TX 75670
(903) 923-2000

Student Review: “East Texas Baptist University has an excellent psychology program. What makes this program so great and different from other schools is that the campus is small and it’s a private collage. This allows ETBU students a lot of one-on-one time with professors. The curriculum was challenging and there were many research papers and projects and I was able to learn so many things that I will use in my future career. What I really enjoyed about the psychology program was the way students were taught how to carry out a research project. Unlike larger colleges, students spend an entire class learning how to carry out a research project. Overall, I really enjoyed being in the psychology program. One aspect about the psychology program that could be improved would be if some of the professors presented information more orderly. Clear guidelines, such as power points, handouts, and following the material in the assigned reading materials is more beneficial for student learning than the random curriculums most of them followed. For example, some of the professors regularly to veered off topic and only focused on very vague and minute details that should not have been the main focus of our classes.” – Student at East Texas Baptist University

Lamar University
4400 South M L King Junior Pkwy
Beaumont, TX 77710
(409) 880-8888

Student Review: “I would have to say my experience at Lamar was, all-in-all, fairly good. I learned a lot and was able to obtain relevant experience within a month of graduation. The professors were always nice and approachable. They were all quite knowledgeable about the subject of psychology. They responded to emails and inquiries extremely quickly, so I never felt behind in my studies. If I had to complain, I’d say that the administration at Lamar needs some work. I often had problems talking to financial aid and there were sometimes a few problems with registration, which were no fault of my own. The administration seemed cold and uncaring, so it was sometimes a little scary if time got short and I still wasn’t able to properly register for classes. The online program is great, with reliable software and quick grading. All-in-all, it’s a great university with qualified professors.” – Student at Lamar University

Northeast Lakeview College
1201 Kitty Hawk Rd
Universal City, TX 78148
(210) 486-5000

Student Review: “The overall experience I have had at Northeast Lakeview College was pretty solid. I took a lot of my classes online and I must say I’m pretty pleased with the outcome so far. Although online classes have their ups and downs, I felt like the courses I took were exactly what I was looking for in my major. The professors were challenging enough to where I would really have to study hard, but not hard enough to where it engulfed my whole life. The professors were always very responsive with e-mails and many of them had actual office hours where you could go to campus for extra help. One feature that I would improve on is the homework system known as Canvas. I would change to Blackboard or a different program like that where it is more user friendly! Love the courses offered and absolutely love how challenging the professors are!” – Student at Northeast Lakeview College

Sam Houston State University
1806 Avenue J
Huntsville, TX 77340
(936) 294-1111

Student Review: “I learned quite a lot from the psychology program at Sam Houston State University. The staff, from assistant professors to the Dean of Humanities and Sciences, was superb – they are all experts in their fields, and they introduced me to aspects of this field that I wasn’t aware of prior to attending. They were also very open to discussion of the field, often encouraging debate and discourse over distinct facets of psychology and its various specific disciplines and their implementations. The university in general also found speakers from various fields to give presentations throughout my tenure at the university, and the psychology department found specific professionals as well. All in all, it was a fantastic program, and anyone interested in studying psychology should consider attending Sam Houston State University.” – Student at Sam Houston State University

Texas Lutheran University
1000 W Court St
Seguin, TX 78155
(830) 372-8000

Student Review: “I had a great time attending college at Texas Lutheran University as a psychology major. After acceptance, I was contacted to be part of the honors program which allowed me to take interesting upper level courses in place of other liberal arts requirements. This program looks great for post-degree programs and you get special mention during graduation. I was originally a biology major but switched to psychology after taking an introductory psychology course with Dr. Czuchry — a knowledgeable and amusing professor. The biggest advantage of TLU was the small class size. I never had a class with more than 30 other students and was able to really get to know the professors. I was also able to get on-hands research experience conducting experiments in the psychology department. My research experience and glowing recommendations allowed me to get into a PhD program after graduation. Although TLU is fairly expensive (I had to take out loans), I thought I received a great education which prepared me for future studies. Seguin is very small city but is only 45 minutes away from Austin and San Antonio. I highly recommend visiting the campus and considering TLU as a small, private liberal arts college.” – Student at Texas Lutheran University

University of North Texas
1155 Union Cir
Denton, TX 76203
(940) 565-2000

Student Review: “I completed a bachelor of arts degree in psychology with a minor in social science at the University of North Texas. My experience at the school and within the program was absolutely amazing. My teachers were extremely down-to-earth, helpful and very intelligent. I took classes ranging from experimental methods, which is a statistics oriented class, all the way to history and systems, which is a class that covers the worldwide history of the field of psychology. The variety and diversity of classes was by far my favorite thing about the program. At the end of my studies I felt like a very well rounded student with a wide array of knowledge. When I chose to major in psychology, I was worried that my program would be limited to endless psychology classes, each with only a slightly different twist. This variety helped me to maintain focus and interest in my program as there was no redundancy of content. Studying psychology was the perfect choice for me because I have a natural interest in the human brain and child development and the content was very easy to learn and remember. Overall, I feel that my program helped me to prepare myself professionally for the psychology career field with a wide variety of knowledge.” – Student at University of North Texas

Student Review: “The psychology program at UNT was a joke. I was a transfer and upon my registration date was given a list of classes to take, only to find out that most of the classes that interested me (industrial/organizational psychology) weren’t even offered at that particular campus, but in Dallas, which cost much more. Also, they explained the requirements for graduation with either a BS or a BA which of course changed in the middle of my senior year and I almost didn’t graduate. My adviser waited until my last semester to tell me that I was 12 hours behind. In order to succeed, I had to load up my last semester with 21 credit hours. Also, most of us who were hoping for a BS were forced to switch to BA due to: 1) professors being unwilling to help with the required senior thesis, and 2) the fact that UNT was the only school in the state that required a 3.5 GPA for a BS, — all others required no thesis and at least a 2.0 GPA in psychobiology. Basically, the program is designed to push you to go into counseling vs research.” – Student at University of North Texas

University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley
1201 West University Dr
Edinburg, TX 78539
(866) 441-8872

Student Review: “The University of Texas-Pan American is a very good school. I really enjoyed my career as a psychology student there. The professors are very knowledgeable and I learned a lot from each of the classes I took. I had social anxiety while I was a student, and both the teachers and the college as a whole made sure I was still able to learn and accommodated me so that I could do so along with the other students. Each class was taught by very professional teachers and most if not all of them were available to discuss any questions or address any areas I needed help in in the class. I think for the undergraduate psychology program there, however, there should be more introduction to some sort of practicum and applied skills into the field. For instance, professors should be more ready to answer questions about career choices after graduating.” – Student at University of Texas-Pan American

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