Arizona Psychology Licensure Requirements

If you’re interested in protecting the mental health, safety, and welfare of Arizona citizens and decide to become a psychologist, you must become licensed to practice psychology in the state. The Arizona Board of Psychology as well as Psychology Licensing Law demand excellence to protect the practice of psychology. To become a legitimate psychologist, it takes years of hard work, education, and training to become licensed in Arizona. If you’re interested in becoming licensed to practice psychology in Arizona, these are the primary questions that most prospective Arizona psychologists ask:

» How do I become a psychologist in Arizona?
» I have earned a PhD or PsyD How do I earn my Psychologist License in Arizona?
» Why does Arizona require fingerprinting and criminal background checks to become a licensed psychologist?
» What are Arizona’s Supervised Professional Experience rules and regulations?
» What psychology exams are required in Arizona?

Three Steps to Become a Psychologist in Arizona

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1. Earn Your BS in Psychology and Master’s Degree in Psychology. At Psychology Degree 411, we have one of the best resources for undergraduates and graduates looking to boost their psychology credentials. Our resource allows you to choose the best schools to eventually pursue a PhD or PsyD as you work toward becoming a licensed psychologist in Arizona.

2. Earn a PsyD or PhD in Psychology. Whether it’s Arizona or Washington, you must have a doctorate in either psychology or educational psychology to practice psychology in the United States. It is also possible for licensed psychologists to obtain an education degree specializing in educational psychology or counseling psychology. Psychology Degree 411 has the resources you need to find the best PsyD and PhD programs in Arizona.

3. Become Licensed to Practice Psychology in Arizona. To practice psychology in Arizona after receiving your PhD or PsyD, you must complete the requirements as set forth by the Arizona Board of Psychology and Psychology Licensing Law. The steps are outlined below:

Arizona Psychologist Licensing Process

1. Complete a Background Check and Fingerprint Procedures

Because of the importance that Arizona psychologists play in many people’s lives, Arizona’s Board of Psychology must have clearance from the DOJ and FBI before it can issue a license. The background check for becoming a psychologist in Arizona is based on a clean criminal record in accordance with the duties and functions of a psychologist in Arizona.

If you’ve never before been licensed or registered through the Arizona Board of Psychology, your fingerprints must be crossed with Live Scan to check for any criminal history. Be sure to view the complete list of Arizona Live Scan fingerprint service locations where you can schedule a visit to complete this requirement.

To learn more about fingerprinting procedures in Arizona, visit the Arizona Board of Fingerprinting or contact them at (602) 265-0135.

2. Complete Supervised Professional Experience (SPE) Requirements

Before you are able to work as a licensed psychologist in Arizona, both pre- and postdoctoral-trainers must gain professional experience in a supervised setting. This clinical, SPE requirement provides instruction and experience for trainees preparing for practice in Arizona.

These SPE requirements implement current psychological concepts that result from the ever-evolving scientific principles and theories concerning the best psychological practices. SPE provides mentoring, observational opportunities, enactment, and real-life experience in a supervised setting.

In accordance with section 32-2072 of Arizona’s Administrative Code of Board Psychologist Examiners, two years (3,000 hours) of qualifying professional experience must be completed and officially documented prior to Arizona approving the licensure.1

Be aware of the latest in Arizona’s complete rules and regulations for professional experience requirements and Arizona Administrative Code.

Predoctoral Professional Experience Requirements
After 48 semester- or trimester- (or 72 quarter) units of graduate coursework in psychology, you may complete up to 1,500 as part of your predoctoral professional experience.

You may complete your SPE requirements through a formal APA predoctoral psychology internship that meets all the requirements as set forth by the American Psychological Association. Refer to section R4-26-203 in the Arizona Administrative Code as set forth by the Arizona Board of Psychologist Examiners to learn more about the requirements and ways to gain predoctoral SPE in Arizona.

Postdoctoral Professional Experience Requirements:
In accordance with the requirements and dates set forth by the postdoctoral degree and certified by the dean or registrar at your educational institution or by the director of training of the program, you must complete a minimum of 1,500 hours of postdoctoral SPE.

The postdoctoral SPE must be completed at an American Psychological Association-approved program or one that is a member of the Association of Psychology and Postdoctoral Internship Centers, as stated in section R4-26-203 in the Arizona Administrative Code.

Use the American Psychological Association as a resource to learn how you can facilitate communication between trainees and supervisors. This also ensures you receive the professional postdoctoral experience you need.

3. Pass the Psychology Licensing Exam in Arizona

The EPPP – Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology – consists of 225 multiple-choice questions. Administered via computer at testing sites throughout Arizona and the United States, you must score a scaled 500 or greater to pass. This examination is no longer administered via paper and pencil. You may pay by credit card, certified check, or money order directly to the Professional Examination Service (PES). You must complete examination within 60 days of receiving the “authorization-to-test” notification from PES.

Refer to the Arizona Board of Psychologist Examiners for more information concerning the examination requirements. Register with the Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards for a test EPPP exam to prepare for the official examination.

You may also contact the ASPPB for study materials concerning the EPPP at:

PO Box 241245
Montgomery, AL 36124-1245

All requirements are outlined in the Arizona Administrative Code.

4. Submit an Application for Psychologist Licensure in Arizona

Be sure to check Arizona’s standards for fees, procedures, and requirements before submitting your application. Once you have completed the requirements and are ready to apply for licensure, fill out the official application as presented by the Arizona Board of Psychologist Examiners.

When completed, send the application to:

State of Arizona Board of Psychologist Examiners
1400 West Washington, Ste. 235
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Phone: 602-542-8162
Fax: 602-542-8279

Additional Requirements and Information

The Arizona Board of Psychologist Examiners provides a complete outline of instructions of the licensing process in the state of Arizona. Here, you will find the details concerning the application process, fees, transcriptions, SPE, and any additional requirements to become a certified psychologist in Arizona.

Furthermore, you can learn about the requirements concerning:

  • Child abuse coursework
  • Understanding human sexuality
  • Alcohol and other substance dependency and detection
  • Partner abuse detection, assessment, and intervention
  • Instructions for psychologists that are licensed out of state or country
  • EPPP waiver and requirements
  • Expedited licensure for spouses or partners of active duty military personnel

1. Arizona Board of Psychology Examiners: https://psychboard.az.gov/