Mississippi Psychology Licensure Requirements

As the psychology industry continues to grow in the Magnolia State, aspiring psychologists are eying the region as the place to finish their education and licensure requirements. The Mississippi Board of Psychology thoroughly outlines the expectations and requirements for licensure. Here at Psychology Degree 411, we’ve created a comprehensive checklist of everything you need to successfully acquire your license to practice psychology. Here’s a sampling of the most common questions applicants have about becoming a psychologist in Mississippi.

» How do I become a Psychologist in Mississippi?
» I have earned a PhD or PsyD and I am ready to learn how to get a Psychologist License in Mississippi.
» Why does Mississippi require fingerprinting and criminal background checks to become a licensed Psychologist?
» What are Mississippi’s Supervised Professional Experience Rules and Regulations?
» What Psychology Exams are required in Mississippi?

Three Steps to Become a Psychologist in Mississippi

Whether you’re a high school student searching for a place to begin your undergraduate career or are in the process of finalizing your licensure application, we can help you take the next step. Below, we detail the process of becoming a psychologist in Mississippi.

1. Earn a Ba or BS in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Psychology. Earning your bachelor’s and master’s degrees in psychology is a crucial first step that will lay the foundation for your education. This opens the door to lifelong learning that will define your career as a psychologist who’s always current on the latest practices and theories. Expect to spend four years earning your bachelor’s and an additional two years earning a master’s degree. Both of these programs should include internships and supervised residency opportunities.

2. Earn a PhD or PsyD in Psychology. Once you’ve earned your bachelor’s and master’s degrees, you must earn a PhD or PsyD in psychology before you can qualify to practice in the state of Mississippi. This chapter of your educational experience should be fine-tuned and focus on the specific area you want to practice. As you develop your specialty in psychology, you’ll have the opportunity to work in real-life settings through internships, residency, and research.

With Psychology Degree 411, you never have to worry about spending time looking for the perfect program for you. We’ve compiled a list of PhD and PsyD programs offered in Mississippi.

3. Get Licensed to Practice Psychology in Mississippi. Once your educational requirements have been met, you must begin the process of earning your license in Mississippi. Though this process contains many stages, Psychology Degree 411 can help you navigate each step.

Mississippi Psychologist Licensing Process

1. Complete a Background Check and Fingerprint Procedures.

As a psychologist, you will work with the mental health of many patients. Because this is such a trusted and respected role with high responsibility, the state of Mississippi requires a background check based on a fingerprint scan to ensure you can safely work with patients.

The Mississippi Board of Psychology will send you a fingerprint card once you fill out the initial license application.

2. Complete Supervised Professional Experience (SPE) Requirements.

As outlined by the Mississippi Board of Psychology, all applicants must complete a minimum of 4,000 hours of SPE.2 This will be divided into experience accumulated during your predoctoral and postdoctoral careers. SPE bridges classroom knowledge and real-world experience so that applicants have the opportunity to transition from classroom-based learning to practicing their knowledge in a professional health environment.

If you’re interested in learning more about the SPE requirements, review Mississippi’s education and training requirements.

Predoctoral Professional Experience Requirements
2,000 hours of predoctoral SPE are required.2 The SPE must relate to your specific course of study and be composed of 2,000 hours of actual work.2 It’s important to note, however, that not all internships count towards SPE. The internships must meet the guidelines set forth by the American Psychological Association.1

Postdoctoral Professional Experience Requirements
After earning your doctoral degree, you must complete 2,000 hours of SPE in a professional health care setting.2 This will help you incorporate the latest practices and theories into your practice as you work towards earning your license as a psychologist in Mississippi.

Verification of Required Experience
In accordance with the standards of the American Psychological Association, your SPE must be verified by your educational institution and SPE supervisor.1 This is required so that the state of Mississippi can ensure quality through each part of the licensing process.

3. Pass The Mississippi Psychology Licensing Exams.

Now that you’ve completed your education and experience requirements, you’re almost to the end of qualifying for licensure. The very last step is passing the Examination for the Professional Practice of Psychology, or EPPP. This 225-question exam is a multiple-choice test administered via computer. You must complete this within a time frame of 3 hours and 20 minutes. We strongly suggest taking the EPPP practice exam so that you can experience answering all the questions under timed pressure.

4. Submit an Application for Psychologist Licensure in Mississippi.

After completing the requirements for licensure in Mississippi, it’s time to complete the application itself. Thoroughly fill out the Application for Psychologist Licensure in Mississippi and any pertinent documents and mail it to:

Mississippi Board of Psychology
2395 Deerfield Rd
Yazoo City, MS 39194

Additional Requirements and Information

The Mississippi Board of Psychology provides more information concerning the licensure procedure and any other concerns you may have, including:

  • APA-accredited academic programs
  • License verification and renewal
  • Coursework focusing on child abuse
  • Waiver of EPPP examination
  • Psychology law and general rules & regulations

1. American Psychological Association: http://www.apa.org/apags/resources/internships.aspx
2. Mississippi Board of Psychology: http://www.psychologyboard.ms.gov/Psy%20Documents/Education_and_Training_Requirements.pdf