Best Online and Campus Psychology Schools in Massachusetts

The following guide to psychology schools in Massachusetts, which is home to some of the nation’s top colleges and universities, is designed to provide you with essential information that will assist you in finding the best undergraduate or graduate psychology program for your academic needs.

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Massachusetts Psychology School Facts

Nationally Ranked Top Psychology Programs in Massachusetts

Our curated list of third-party and proprietary rankings can be useful in measuring the overall value and reputation of a program. Lists include College Factual, Psychology Degree 411, The Princeton Review, and Times Higher Education. Note if one of these lists is not present below, no schools in the state were named on it. Generally, schools and programs ranked on multiple lists tend to be stronger in academic quality.

Schools Ranked on Multiple Lists

  • Boston College
  • Bridgewater State University
  • Fitchburg State University
  • Framingham State University
  • Harvard University
  • Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts
  • Salem State University
  • Simmons University
  • Stonehill College
  • University of Massachusetts-Amherst
  • University of Massachusetts-Boston
  • University of Massachusetts-Lowell
  • Westfield State University
  • Worcester State University

College Factual’s Best Psychology Schools 2024

  • Harvard University (#1)
  • Boston University (#19)
  • University of Massachusetts-Amherst (#21)
  • Boston College (#31)
  • Williams College (#46)
  • University of Massachusetts-Boston (#88)
  • Clark University (#96)
  • College of the Holy Cross (#115)
  • University of Massachusetts-Lowell (#121)
  • Simmons University (#129)
  • Stonehill College (#147)
  • Bridgewater State University (#151)
  • William James College (#155)2

Psychology Degree 411’s Top Schools With Online Psychology Programs

  • University of Massachusetts-Lowell (#12)3

The Princeton Review’s Great Schools for Psychology Majors 2024

  • Assumption University
  • Clark University
  • College of the Holy Cross
  • Harvard University
  • Mount Holyoke College
  • Simmons University
  • Smith College
  • Stonehill College
  • University of Massachusetts-Amherst4

Times Higher Education’s Best Universities for Psychology 2023

  • Harvard University (#5)
  • Boston College (#151-175)
  • University of Massachusetts (#151-175)
  • Northeastern University (#176-200)
  • Tufts University (#201-250)5

Most Affordable Schools With a Bachelor’s in Psychology

The following Massachusetts schools with bachelor’s degrees in psychology have the lowest average net prices. Please note that we grouped regional campuses together and included a range for the net price of these schools. We have included each school’s graduation rate, a key quality metric.

  • Worcester State University ($14,435 / Grad rate: 59%)
  • Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts ($15,377 / Grad rate: 56%)
  • Fitchburg State University ($15,535 / Grad rate: 56%)
  • University of Massachusetts Regional Campuses ($17,123-$17,240 / Grad rate: 51%-71%)
  • Bridgewater State University ($17,225 / Grad rate: 56%)
  • Framingham State University ($17,715 / Grad rate: 55%)
  • Westfield State University ($18,021 / Grad rate: 60%)
  • American International College ($18,317 / Grad rate: 37%)
  • Bay Path University ($18,502 / Grad rate: 47%)
  • Salem State University ($19,277 / Grad rate: 55%)1

Top 25 Bachelor’s in Psychology Programs in Massachusetts

This table compares the top 25 bachelor’s in psychology programs from not-for-profit schools in Massachusetts based on a graduation rate above 55% and an annual net price below $31,000. A high graduation rate is a top indicator of student success, and affordability is a key consideration for prospective undergrad students. Programs in bold text offer hybrid or online options.

SchoolGrad Rate*1Accept Rate1Median Debt*6Median Earnings*6Full Price In State1Full Price Out of State1Net Price*1
Worcester State University59%88%$19,500$59,518$24,031$30,111$14,435
Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts56%92%$23,750$45,341$25,222$34,167$15,377
Fitchburg State University56%86%$24,239$58,741$24,437$30,517$15,535
Bridgewater State University56%88%$24,286$54,750$25,213$31,353$17,225
University of Massachusetts-Lowell71%86%$23,704$65,324$30,112$48,480$17,240
Westfield State University60%82%$22,457$52,899$24,394$30,474$18,021
Harvard University98%3%$14,000$95,114$76,763$76,763$19,491
Williams College95%8%$12,761$74,473$77,300$77,300$20,965
Wellesley College90%14%$10,000$75,784$81,000$81,000$21,362
Amherst College92%7%$13,740$81,855$80,850$80,850$21,367
University of Massachusetts-Amherst83%64%$22,763$65,645$31,075$52,295$22,291
College of Our Lady of the Elms75%91%$25,000$55,648$55,465$55,465$23,498
Hampshire College60%69%$26,893$43,491$68,884$68,884$24,087
Simmons University74%76%$24,840$61,222$60,718$60,718$24,423
Gordon College69%92%$26,250$54,542$39,190$39,190$24,483
Nichols College58%85%$27,000$57,385$52,910$52,910$27,192
Boston University89%17%$23,250$80,582$80,296$80,296$27,829
Springfield College73%76%$26,250$47,049$55,414$55,414$27,930
Assumption University72%82%$27,000$74,451$62,070$62,070$28,911
Lasell University61%73%$26,000$58,576$59,130$59,130$29,706
Regis College67%89%$25,500$56,022$63,230$63,230$30,014
Western New England University67%88%$25,500$66,181$45,500$45,500$30,214
Tufts University94%10%$16,250$74,430$82,000$82,000$30,479
Boston College91%17%$19,000$96,325$80,296$80,296$30,559
Smith College89%23%$17,550$58,881$79,108$79,108$30,790

*See Table Notes at bottom of page.

Comparison of All Graduate Psychology Programs in Massachusetts

This table compares all of Massachusetts’s graduate-level psychology programs from not-for-profit schools on multiple factors.

We’ve included accreditation status by the American Psychological Association (APA), the Masters in Psychology and Counseling Accreditation Council (MPCAC), and the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP). We also highlight the levels offered, 2020-2022 pass rates for the Examination for Professional Practice of Psychology (EPPP), and tuition information. Note EPPP scores are reported by degree type (clinical, counseling, or school psychology) and level (PhD or PsyD), so some schools may be listed more than once to include all pass rates. Schools in bold text offer hybrid or online options. Tuition per credit hour is more relevant for master’s and PsyD programs due to the fact that PhD students typically receive more program-awarded funding.

SchoolAccreditation7-10Levels OfferedEPPP Pass Rate 2020-2211EPPP # Taking 2020-2211Grad Tuition Per Credit Hour
American International CollegeMA, MS, EdD$1,010
Anna Maria CollegeMA, MS$599
Assumption UniversityMPCACMA$817
Bay Path UniversityMS$910
Boston CollegeAPAMA, PhD89%18$1,988
Boston University (Clinical PhD)APAMA, PhD95%20$1,994
Boston University (Counseling EdD)APAMA, PhDN.Av.N.Av.$1,994
Boston University (Counseling PhD)APAMA, PhDN.Av.N.Av.$1,994
Brandeis UniversityMA, PhD$3,660
Bridgewater State UniversityMPCACMA$502
Cambridge CollegeMEd$639
Clark UniversityAPAPhD80%10$940
Fisher CollegeMA$781
Framingham State UniversityMA$1,390
Harvard UniversityAPAPhD100%8$2,251
Lesley UniversityMA, PhD$1,300
Northeastern University (Counseling PhD)APA, NASPMS, PhD85%13$1,815
Northeastern University (School PhD)APA, NASPMS, PhDN.Av.N.Av.$1,815
Salem State UniversityMS$487
Springfield CollegeAPAMS, PsyD44%16$1,178
Suffolk UniversityAPAPhD91%32$1,759
Tufts UniversityNASPPhD$1,610
University of Massachusetts-Amherst (Clinical PhD)APA, NASPMS, PhD100%8$1,953
University of Massachusetts-Amherst (School PhD)APA, NASPMS, PhD78%9$1,953
University of Massachusetts-Boston (Clinical PhD)APA, NASPPhD100%20$787
University of Massachusetts-Boston (Counseling PhD)APA, NASPPhD89%9$787
University of Massachusetts-Boston (School PhD)APA, NASPPhD50%6$787
University of Massachusetts-DartmouthMA$1,366
University of Massachusetts-LowellPhD$892
William James College (Clinical PsyD)APA, NASPMA, PsyD59%152$1,245
William James College (School PsyD)APA, NASPMA, PsyD43%7$1,245
Worcester State UniversityNASPEdS$339

Massachusetts Schools With Psychology Programs

Note: Student Reviews are based on the experiences of a few individuals and not everyone has the same results. Please review the “Data, Student Reviews, and Other Information” section in our Terms of Use and Disclaimers.

Clark University
950 Main St
Worcester, MA 01610
(508) 793-7711

Student Review: “Studying psychology at Clark University has been, overall, a great academic experience. Psychology is one of Clark University’s top majors. Because it’s so popular, it has been very easy to find peers and resources who have been willing to support me and create an academic community. Clark is a very supportive school, and the administration is very helpful in making sure that each student gets what they need. This can have some less desirable effects, however, because sometimes it feels like the school cares more about supporting each other than it does about fostering individual academic growth. This isn’t to say that Clark is unchallenging if you apply yourself, but since the psychology program is both large and inviting, it attracts a lot of students who simply never decided on a more fitting major. My professors have always been extraordinary, however, and I have relished the opportunities for hands-on research that Clark provides.” – Student at Clark University

Harvard University
Cambridge, MA 02138
(617) 495-1000

Student Review: “My psychology preparation was phenomenal. I had both large lecture classes and small seminar classes where we discussed cases and examples in details. In addition, it was very easy to take advantage of research experiences and find unique and interesting opportunities. For example, I worked in the lab of a well-known psychologist for two semesters and a summer and often went into talks and lectures by famous psychologists such as Steven Pinker, Susan Carey, and John Weisz. I also had dinner with different professors on many occasions. In addition, I had access to many online and paper psychology resources, all that Harvard’s library had to offer. The only downfall is that is a big department so it can be hard especially during the first year to develop relationships with faculty and my student adviser was a graduate student who was entirely unhelpful.” – Student at Clark University

Our Lady of the Elms College
291 Springfield St
Chicopee, MA 01013
(413) 594-2761

Student Review: “I received my bachelor’s of arts degree in psychology from Our Lady of the Elms College. Overall, it was a positive learning experience and I feel I learned a lot that has helped me and can continue to help me in my career or should I decide to return to school. The pros of this experience were that since it was a small school, I only had three different psychology professors throughout my entire time at the school, so I had a very solid education and was able to work closely with them. I learned very useful skills, such as thinking and writing critically about psychological and research-related issues, which I currently use in my profession. The only con I have is that I do not feel as if I was well equipped to know how to go about pursuing additional education in this field. The intern and fieldwork opportunities were not easily accessible, although I still feel that if I returned to receive a graduate degree, I could use the knowledge I gained to succeed in a graduate program.” – Student at Our Lady of the Elms College

Smith College
Northampton, MA 01063
(413) 584-2700

Student Review: “Smith College provided me with the support I needed to help me transition smoothly from high school to college. During my first year I was given the opportunity to enroll in any subject matter in order to sort out what major I wanted to pursue, which was amazing since I was able to delve into many of my interests without having to fear wasting my time (since they were all for credit and would count towards my degree). The professors were amazing, always making time before and after classes as well as during office hours to answer any questions or give advice. One of my top reasons for considering Smith College the best choice for me was the vast amount of activities on campus and the campuses surrounding us. Every week there were movies, lectures, poetry readings, plays, and several times a year there were concerts of the top performers of the year. There were also many opportunities to work in my field including a part-time job tutoring and counseling students at the nearby elementary school.” – Student at Smith College

Suffolk University
8 Ashburton Pl
Boston, MA 02108
(617) 573-8000

Student Review: “The psychology program at Suffolk University is astounding. I had the opportunity to meet so many professors that guided me through my academic career. I remember I took a class in child psychology and I was given the opportunity to meet children and complete studies with them and through our assignments. Suffolk University is a private institution, which allows students to go to college and also gain hands-on experience. I also recall another time when I was taking a psychology counseling class and I was given the opportunity to shadow my psychology professor at a counseling session after the patient gave him and I consent. Overall, it was a wonderful experience.” – Student at Suffolk University

Tufts University
419 Boston Ave
Medford, MA 02155‎
(617) 628-5000

Student Review: “I found the psychology program to be thorough and applicable to other areas of research, both qualitative and quantitative. Professors were very approachable and held appropriate office hours. However, I felt that there were not enough sections of some courses offered each semester. For example, it was difficult to take the basic research methods course until the junior or senior year, which in turn made it difficult to pursue independent research before graduation. Although the staff was friendly and approachable, the inability to pursue independent research made the development of student-professor relationships more challenging. Despite this drawback, I highly recommend the psychology program to prospective students hoping to pursue a career in research.” – Student at Tufts University

University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Amherst, MA 01003
(413) 545-0111

Student Review: “I studied psychology at Umass Amherst and had a fantastic time with the program. One of the unique things that Umass provided students with was the ability to hold research opportunities and lab hours at their own convenience. For example, for studies, I would post to our “SONA” website looking for volunteers from our student body. Interested students would sign up through the website and receive an email confirmation with the location, time, and study information. Many professors through the psychology department would give students extra credit for these studies to add an incentive for them to assist fellow peers with their research. For example, one of my professors gave one extra point on an exam for each hour or credit that we completed (1 hour = 1 credit). This not only helped improve my grade but also helped researchers conduct studies!” – Student at University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Wellesley College
106 Central St
Wellesley, MA 02481
(781) 283-1000

Student Review: “I had a wonderful experience with the psychology department at Wellesley College. Classes are small (20 students in my largest class, and up to 8 in seminars) and professors are eager to help and always accessible–they are mentors in the truest sense of the word and care deeply about students. Group projects, research papers, take-home exams, and weekly assignments allow students to delve deep into subjects of interest. There are opportunities for extracurricular involvement including clubs, lectures, research positions, and conference participation. The intense student-driven passion and tight-knit community are worth highlighting, as it creates optimal conditions for the pursuit of higher learning.” – Student at Wellesley College

Student Review: “I have immensely enjoyed my experience as a psychology student at Wellesley College. Unlike programs at other schools, which often focus on particular branches of the field, Wellesley allows students to fully explore the subfields within psychology. Rather than offering predominantly biological or cognitive psychology courses, Wellesley provides students with an equal opportunity to explore social, personality, abnormal, cognitive, biological, and even cultural psychology. Furthermore, the program maintains a unique requirement for the major in the form of research methods courses. Limited to small groups and focusing on one of the various branches of psychology, these classes allow students to research, design and implement their own psychological experiment, giving students invaluable practical experience with psychological experimentation. Finally, the department offers a host of research, practicum, and internship opportunities in positions that range from social media interns in Boston-based companies to clinical training in various locations throughout Massachusetts.” – Student at Wellesley College

*Table Notes:
-N.Av. indicates data is not available.
-Metrics are institution-wide unless otherwise noted.
-Graduation rate is completion percentage within six years of start.
-Median (average) debt is cumulative federal loan debt for undergraduate completers in 2020-2021.
-Median earnings are from the 2020-2021 cohort 10 years post school entry.
-Net price is the average yearly price paid by full-time, first-year undergraduate students receiving financial aid. See NCES for more in-depth information.

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