Best Online and Campus Psychology Schools in Michigan

The following guide to psychology programs in Michigan provides you with essential information on the many programs available in the state.

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Michigan Psychology School Facts

Nationally Ranked Top Psychology Programs in Michigan

Our curated list of third-party and proprietary rankings can be useful in measuring the overall value and reputation of a program. Lists include College Factual, Psychology Degree 411, The Princeton Review, and Times Higher Education. Note if one of these lists is not present below, no schools in the state were named on it. Generally, schools and programs ranked on multiple lists tend to be stronger in academic quality.

Schools Ranked on Multiple Lists

  • Central Michigan University
  • Michigan State University
  • Lake Superior State University
  • Grace Christian University
  • Oakland University
  • University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
  • Wayne State University
  • Western Michigan University

College Factual’s Best Psychology Schools 2024

  • Michigan State University (#52)
  • Wayne State University (#137)
  • Western Michigan University (#166)2

Psychology Degree 411’s Top Schools With Online Psychology Programs

  • Central Michigan University (#13)3

The Princeton Review’s Great Schools for Psychology Majors 2024

  • Albion College
  • University of Michigan-Ann Arbor4

Times Higher Education’s Best Universities for Psychology 2023

  • University of Michigan-Ann Arbor (#10)
  • Michigan State University (#201-250)5

Most Affordable Schools With a Bachelor’s in Psychology

The following Michigan schools with bachelor’s degrees in psychology have the lowest average net prices. Please note that we grouped regional campuses together and included a range for the net price of these schools. We have included each school’s graduation rate, a key quality metric.

  • University of Michigan Regional Campuses ($10,840-$12,444 / Grad Rate: 46%-56%)
  • Saginaw Valley State University ($12,432 / Grad Rate: 50%)
  • Grace Christian University ($12,988 / Grad Rate: 53%)
  • Baker College ($13,719 / Grad Rate: 20%)
  • Ferris State University ($13,978 / Grad Rate: 49%)
  • Lake Superior State University ($14,336 / Grad Rate: 51%)
  • Oakland University ($15,161 / Grad Rate: 58%)
  • Wayne State University ($15,347 / Grad Rate: 60%)
  • Central Michigan University ($15,605 / Grad Rate: 62%)
  • Eastern Michigan University ($15,826 / Grad Rate: 45%)1

Top 20 Bachelor’s in Psychology Programs in Michigan

This table compares the top 20 bachelor’s in psychology programs from not-for-profit schools in Michigan based on a graduation rate above 50% and an annual net price of below $24,000. High graduation rate is a top indicator of student success, and affordability is a key consideration for prospective undergrad students. Programs in bold text offer hybrid or online options.

SchoolGrad Rate*1Accept Rate1Median Debt*6Median Earnings*6Full Price In State1Full Price Out of State1Net Price*1
University of Michigan-Dearborn56%54%$22,500$58,324$23,368$38,632$12,444
Grace Christian University53%100%$24,375$37,939$23,350$23,350$12,988
Lake Superior State University51%77%$23,250$47,666$24,744$24,744$14,336
Oakland University58%90%$22,750$55,645$25,668$34,922$15,161
Wayne State University60%75%$21,250$48,752$25,996$42,685$15,347
Central Michigan University62%79%$27,000$52,440$24,898$24,898$15,605
Grand Valley State University66%90%$24,500$53,292$24,092$29,996$17,105
Northern Michigan University53%71%$21,474$44,658$24,558$30,054$17,346
University of Detroit Mercy73%91%$23,250$60,489$41,502$41,502$18,197
Michigan Technological University68%94%$24,990$77,293$29,672$51,632$18,235
Aquinas College61%91%$23,000$45,282$47,852$47,852$18,605
Kuyper College54%76%$21,389$38,728$34,360$34,360$18,853
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor93%18%$19,500$79,580$29,907$68,505$19,318
Albion College59%67%$27,000$57,501$67,400$67,400$19,351
Western Michigan University55%85%$26,188$52,487$25,725$29,356$20,030
Siena Heights University51%65%$18,750$50,438$41,244$41,244$20,074
Cornerstone University62%82%$25,000$45,033$38,400$38,400$20,935
Spring Arbor University60%47%$26,375$47,632$42,312$42,312$22,375
Michigan State University82%88%$23,250$64,566$26,362$52,948$22,803
Alma College62%65%$27,000$51,997$58,240$58,240$23,995

*See Table Notes at bottom of page.

Comparison of All Graduate Psychology Programs in Michigan

This table compares all of Michigan’s graduate-level psychology programs from not-for-profit schools on multiple factors.

We’ve included accreditation status by the American Psychological Association (APA), the Masters in Psychology and Counseling Accreditation Council (MPCAC), and the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP). We also highlight the levels offered, 2020-2022 pass rates for the Examination for Professional Practice of Psychology (EPPP), and tuition information. Note EPPP scores are reported by degree type (clinical, counseling, or school psychology) and level (PhD or PsyD), so some schools may be listed more than once to include all pass rates. Schools in bold text offer hybrid or online options. Tuition per credit hour is more relevant for master’s and PsyD programs due to the fact that PhD students typically receive more program-awarded funding.

SchoolAccreditation7-10Levels OfferedEPPP Pass Rate 2020-2211EPPP # Taking 2020-2211Grad Tuition Per Credit Hour
Andrews UniversityAPA, NASPMA, EdS, PhD70%10$1,267
Baker CollegeMS$600
Central Michigan University (Clinical PhD)APA, NASPMA, MS, PhD, PsyS100%13$758
Central Michigan University (School PhD)APA, NASPMA, MS, PhD, PsyS$758
Eastern Michigan UniversityAPAMA, MS, PhD94%16$957
Grand Valley State UniversityNASPMS, PsyS$762
Madonna UniversityMS$935
Michigan School of PsychologyAPAMA, PsyD34%38$745
Michigan State University (Clinical PhD)APA, NASPEdS, PhD100%11$867
Michigan State University (School PhD)APA, NASPEdS, PhD93%14$867
Northern Michigan UniversityMS$636
Oakland UniversityMS, PhD$871
University of Detroit MercyAPAMA, PhD, SSP76%21$940
University of Michigan-Ann ArborAPAPhD89%9$1,833
University of Michigan-DearbornMS$1,311
Wayne State UniversityAPA, NASPMA, MEd, PhD94%17$885
Western Michigan University (Clinical PhD)APAMA, PhD92%12$765
Western Michigan University (Counseling PhD)APAMA, PhD50%22$765

Michigan Schools With Psychology Programs

Note: Student Reviews are based on the experiences of a few individuals and not everyone has the same results. Please review the “Data, Student Reviews, and Other Information” section in our Terms of Use and Disclaimers.

Grand Valley State University
1 Campus Dr
Allendale, MI 49401
(616) 331-5000

Student Review: “The psychology program at Grand Valley State University proved to be insightful, yet relatively simple to complete. I was able to easily finish all of my program requirements within four years while also completing enough classes to obtain a minor in business. The program covers a broad range of topics within the science of psychology, but the general trend is a cognitive-behavioral focus rather than a psychodynamic one. My advice for getting the most out of this program is to try and determine early on what general area of psychology one wants to focus on. This will help in deciding what extra courses to pursue once the prerequisites have been met and will make the experience more meaningful. I strongly encourage getting to know a professor that works in the area of psychology one is interested in and taking an active role in their lab. Doing this definitely enhanced my experience there. My only real criticism of the psychology program at GVSU is the lack of opportunity for course and lab work within the industrial and organizational aspects of psychology.” -Student at Grand Valley State University

Jackson Community College
2111 Emmons Rd
Jackson, MI 49201
(517) 787-0800

Student Review: “I transferred from Ohio to Michigan and needed a school that would accept my credits because I did not want to have to retake any courses that I had previously taken. Jackson Community College did that for me. They accepted everything and upon meeting with my adviser, I was informed that I have one full year. They have such amazing staff. They made the entire transition process smooth and did whatever they could to make every resource available to me. I am taking the course Abnormal Psych and the professor is funny, outgoing, and easy to approach. He uses videos from YouTube and other sources from the internet. JCC has wifi for the students to use and access to a large library. This is helpful when writing papers or looking for research. Aside from the ease of registering given the number of locations (they have five that students can attend), the cost, and experience of professors have made this a positive experience that I would recommend to other students.” – Student at Jackson Community College

Oakland University
2200 North Squirrel Rd
Rochester, MI 48309
(248) 370-2100

Student Review: “I attended Oakland University located in Rochester, Michigan. My major was psychology and I loved my college experience while attending OU. OU psychology program was amazing, the professors made learning fun and interesting. The professors didn’t bore you with long lectures that left you confused. If you didn’t understand a piece of information they would help you one-on-one. Even though the psychology program was tough the school’s tutors and staff helped me every step of the way with encouraging words and support. I decided to major in psychology because I love to help people who are going through tough times. In the program, we were introduced to a well known successful psychologist, who gave us motivational speeches to help us get through tough times while in college. The only thing I disliked about the program was that we were given essay questions on different scenarios about five times a week. So that was five 400 word essays a week, but in the end, it was all worth it. I graduated with my bachelor’s degree in June of 2013. I am now working for this small psychology office as a family psychologist, but I am loving every minute of it. My college experience was awesome, I met a lot of cool friends along the way. My encouraging words to you is to hold on and never give up on your dreams.” -Student at Oakland University

Student Review: “To be honest, the psychology program at Oakland University did not stand out to me at all and it was really a “meh” experience. The professors teaching here lacked passion, engagement and knowledge. It almost felt as if they were just trying to get the class over with so that they could get their paychecks. The teaching method for the psychology program here did not have any real or engaging structures to it at all. We would simply be assigned a book and we’d read it and memorized a bunch of things to it then take a test on it and that would be it. It wasn’t engaging, it wasn’t memorable, it wasn’t a real experience. I really did not enjoy my time here at OU as a psychology student. I feel that I could’ve gotten a better education and experience elsewhere for more than half the cost at a community college. I am really disappointed in this college.” -Student at Oakland University

Saginaw Valley State University
7400 Bay Rd
University Center, MI 48604
(989) 964-4000

Student Review: “I went to Saginaw Valley State University (SVSU) for a degree in Psychology. The program was great. I first went to SVSU to study political science, but after taking the a few psychology classes I decided to change my major. The program at SVSU was very beneficial with helping to build a career with my degree. The professors were awesome and very well informed and care if the students do well. The classes were offered at morning and night so they fit very well into my schedule and many were offered in the spring and summer. I would recommend this school and program to anyone interested in gaining more knowledge in the psychology field. The campus experience was great too. There are many clubs and activities to get involved in. Overall a very good experience.” – Student at Saginaw Valley State University

University of Michigan
500 S State St
Ann Arbor, MI 48109
(734) 764-1817

Student Review: “When I first began my studies in psychology, I had previously taken pre-med courses and found my new classes to be a breeze. Everything I learned at the University of Michigan taught me how to handle certain situations. Soon, I began to find psychology to be more complex than anything I had learned in pre-med and I found myself doing compulsive research. Thanks to the excellent psychology program, I decided to get my doctorate and I am in the process of obtaining my master’s degree.” – Student at University of Michigan

Student Review: “The psychology program at the University of Michigan is ranked one of the best in the country. I had a great experience while I was attending. The classes were diverse and stimulating. The large number of classes available allowed me to concentrate on the areas of psychology that I wanted to study (Disability and Couples therapy). The professors were some of the best in the country and I frequently found that a professor was frequently the author of the textbook we were using. The classes are large and it is easy to become lost in the crowd. By clustering my classes around my interests and getting involved in programs like Big Siblings, I was able to personalize my experience and not become a number. There are lots of opportunities to become a research assistant if you are looking to enhance your resume for graduate school. I greatly enjoyed the program, and went back to U of M for my Master’s Degree in Counseling.” – Student at University of Michigan

Student Review: “During my time at UM, I not only the general education courses but the pre-requisite programs definitely prepared me for the psychology program. The professors, being that it was a smaller campus, were able to provide a more personal approach to each student, were understanding when life circumstances arose. Office hours, e-mail, and sometimes even phone calls were very accessible and accommodated certain needs or requests I had pertaining to the courses, as well as a great staff of advisers that steered me in the right direction to pursue my area of study within said program. Personally, I dealt with an injury/lawsuit, and made accommodations to hand in assignments by alternate means (within reason) to accomplish certain course goals. As far as internships were concerned necessary for my program, not only did the advisers but personally, some professor gave me directions and made finding the appropriate requirements more easily accessible. I even had a transportation issue (I was a commuter) and classes in my area of residence were not only available online, but at satellite campuses, easily transferable. Financial aid, advising, and faculty all aided me with a personal approach that made overcoming my obstacles along the way a success.” – Student at University of Michigan

Wayne State University
42 W Warren Ave
Detroit, MI 48202
(313) 577-2424

Student Review: “My experience in Wayne State University’s psychology program was challenging at the beginning, to say the least. I found my freshman year to be the most stressful because I was coming from a community college, thinking that all levels of college were the same. The first thing I noticed at Wayne State was that the workload of psychology and behavioral studies were heavier and more intense. The biggest challenge for me was completing the large volume of reading and projects with short deadlines while maintaining a B average throughout the program. Wayne State offers much help within the psychology department, such as tutorial options, referral programs, outside resources and student clubs. Each class was a stepping stone for the next class and level. The more classes I took toward my degree, the more familiar I became with the psychology program and my experience became more delightful and less stressful.” – Student at Wayne State University

Student Review: “I really enjoyed my time spent at Wayne State University in Detroit. The campus was especially close to the downtown area, which really worked well for me since I didn’t have access to a car during my time spent there. There were various options for food, shopping, and entertainment, both within walking distance of the school and on the school’s campus. The campus and the class sizes were VERY large, in my opinion. It was often a challenge to get to classes on time since many of the buildings were spread very far apart. Many places like the library and bookstore were also very crowded. One of the things I most enjoyed about the campus was seeing people from many different cultures. The university hosts many cultural events throughout the year and there are also various student groups to get involved with on campus. I had great professors while attending and teaching assistants that offered group tutoring sessions for students struggling in courses. Overall, it was a great experience and I highly recommend the school to anyone looking for a college to attend.” – Student at Wayne State University

Student Review: “Overall, I enjoyed my educational experience at Wayne State. The variety of psychology courses is superb, and every teacher I encountered was passionate and helpful. Many of the graduates go on to pursue graduate degrees at Wayne State as well. The only thing I would change would be a greater variety of concentrations. I felt that my concentration in health psychology could have encompassed more classes.” – Student at Wayne State University

Western Michigan University
1903 West Michigan Ave
Kalamazoo, MI 49008
(269) 387-1000

Student Review: “The Department of Psychology program at Western Michigan University was a great experience for me. There was a small group of us so it felt more personal and family like when going to classes. I could get the one on one attention that I needed and it definitely helped me throughout my college career. My teachers really cared about their students and had a strong passion for psychology. The passion was present and strong. Within the departments, there were so many different types of psychology studies that you could branch off and learn. The hands-on and field experience was nothing less than exceptional.” – Student at Western Michigan University

*Table Notes:
-N.Av. indicates data is not available.
-Metrics are institution-wide unless otherwise noted.
-Graduation rate is completion percentage within six years of start.
-Median (average) debt is cumulative federal loan debt for undergraduate completers in 2020-2021.
-Median earnings are from the 2020-2021 cohort 10 years post school entry.
-Net price is the average yearly price paid by full-time, first-year undergraduate students receiving financial aid. See NCES for more in-depth information.

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