Psychology Schools in Missouri

The following guide to psychology schools in Missouri, which includes profiles of several undergraduate and graduate programs in the state, provides essential information designed to make choosing the right psychology program for your career goals easier. The many colleges and universities in Missouri feature a range of psychology programs ranging from general psychology to behavioral neuroscience. Those students who require flexibility and convenience when earning a degree may want to consider a college or university that offers partially or fully online undergraduate and graduate psychology programs.

Quick Facts

  • There are 42 not-for-profit colleges and universities with psychology degree programs in Missouri.1
  • 4 schools offer an associate’s degree in psychology.1
  • 40 schools offer a bachelor’s degree in psychology.1
  • 17 schools offer a master’s or advanced degree in psychology.1
  • 2 schools ranked in Kiplinger’s Best College Values for 2019.2
  • 1 school ranked in the Princeton Review’s Great Schools for Psychology Majors for 2018.3
  • No schools ranked in PsychologyDegree411’s Top Schools with Online Psychology Programs.4
  • 1 school ranked in Times Higher Education’s Best Universities for Psychology 2019.5

For not-for-profit colleges and universities with psychology degree programs.

Top-Ranked Schools with Psychology Programs in Missouri

Kiplinger’s Best College Values 2019*

  • Truman State University (#19)
  • University of Missouri (#75)

*Institution-wide ranking.

Princeton Review’s Great Schools for Psychology Majors for 2018

  • Washington University in St. Louis

Times Higher Education Best Universities for Psychology 2019

  • Washington University in St. Louis (#39)

Keep reading to learn more about several of the popular undergraduate and graduate psychology programs offered at the top universities in Missouri.

Schools in Missouri with Psychology Programs

Traditional Undergraduate Programs

Missouri State University

Missouri State University allows students to earn a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology or a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Psychology in the traditional four years or in an accelerated three-year program. Psychology majors pursuing a bachelor of arts must complete six fine arts credits, 12 credits in a foreign language, two history courses, and a philosophy class, in addition to psychology and general college requirements to fulfill degree requirements. Students who maintain a 3.25 or higher GPA may be considered for the Honors Program, which requires participants to complete additional academic work in such areas as writing, research, or practical experience.

Truman State University

Truman State University offers students the opportunity to earn either a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Psychology. Students will learn about human behavior and mental processes through rigorous coursework as well as external learning opportunities. Enrolled students have opportunities to personalize their education to focus on specific areas of interest within the field of psychology through a broad array of psychology electives. Graduates will be prepared to begin their careers or to pursue advanced study in a master’s or doctoral program. Students pursuing the BA will be required to achieve intermediate proficiency in one foreign language, while students pursuing the BS will take additional quantitative or formal reasoning courses. All students must take a major field test in psychology to satisfy graduation requirements.

Traditional Graduate Programs

University of Missouri

The University of Missouri at St. Louis confers the Master of Arts (MA) in General Psychology. Students pursuing the MA may choose to specialize in behavioral neuroscience or industrial and organizational psychology. Graduate students opting for the behavioral neuroscience specialization must complete 32 credits to fulfill degree requirements while industrial and organizational psychology majors will undertake 45 credits. Psychology students, who may only begin the program in the fall, may complete their studies on a full-time or a part-time basis. The neuroscience program requires students to take such courses as psychopharmacology, cognitive psychology, and quantitative methods. The psychology department admits a maximum of two terminal master’s students each year, making this a highly competitive program.

University of Central Missouri

The University of Central Missouri features a 37-credit graduate program leading to the Master of Science (MS) in Psychology. The program, which requires a thesis, is designed to prepare students to continue on to doctoral study. Psychology students must complete between 28 and 31 credits in core requirements, which encompass such topics as biological bases of behavior, personality, social bases of behavior, thesis preparation, and ethics and professional issues in psychology. Students may also participate in a clinical or a research practicum with past students working at Missouri’s Veterans Home, Royal Oaks Hospital, and Blue Springs Police Department. Successful completion of a comprehensive examination is required before students can graduate from the program.

Online Psychology Programs

Drury University

Drury University’s online Bachelor of Science in Psychology prepares students for work in the areas of counseling, social work, education, and other related fields. Those who complete the program will also be prepared to pursue graduate study. Psychology students complete liberal arts courses in addition to a scientific core developed to promote critical, evidence-based thinking; the scientific core also includes team-oriented, research-based projects. Students will also complete 33 credit hours in psychology through such courses as Research Methods for the Behavioral Sciences, Social Psychology, and Statistical Foundations for the Behavioral Sciences. A culminating capstone known as the Senior Seminar includes a research project and formal presentation.

Missouri University of Science and Technology

Graduate students at Missouri University of Science and Technology can earn a Master of Science in Industrial-Organizational Psychology entirely online. The program focuses on the knowledge and skills needed to enhance the performance and well-being of individuals in organizations. The curriculum includes foundational study in statistics and research methods, which paired with the program’s study of the fundamentals of industrial and organizational psychology can prepare students for doctoral study. Students may choose a thesis or non-thesis option to complete the degree. Courses include Small Group Dynamics, Job Analysis and Performance Management, Advanced Leadership Theory and Practice, and Training and Development. Graduates will be able to assess and select candidates for placements in organizations, develop and implement effective training programs, and develop strategies to promote organizational development.

EPPP Pass Rate and Accreditation Information for Psychology Programs in Missouri

The table below is designed to help you compare not-for-profit psychology schools in Missouri on a variety of factors. Clicking on the arrows in the top row allows you to sort the table. In addition to factors such as focus areas offered and tuition costs, accreditation is an important consideration when researching psychology programs. Depending on the type of program and the ultimate career path you are considering, accreditation from the American Psychological Association (APA), the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP), the Council for Accreditation of Counseling & Related Education Programs (CACREP), or the Psychological Clinical Science Accreditation System (PCSAS) can make it easier to become licensed in your desired area of practice. For more information on these accreditations, see our overview of accreditation for psychology programs. You should also ensure that the program you are considering will meet the licensure requirements in the state where you wish to practice. The Examination for Professional Practice of Psychology (EPPP), a licensing exam administered by the Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards (ASPPB), is required in most US states in order to qualify for psychologist licensure. The EPPP results shown below are provided are for the exam period from February 1, 2015 to March 21, 2017.6 Only results from APA-accredited or ASPPB-designated doctoral programs with at least four test-takers during the exam period are included.6

SchoolBA/BSGrad Prog.Online Prog.Nat’l Accred.*Grad Rate**EPPP Pass Rate6# Taking6College Factual Under-
grad Rank7
US News Grad Rank8Net Price
Avila UniversityYesYesNo50%$18,607
Central Methodist University-Graduate and Extended StudiesYesYesNoCACREPN/A$15,975
Central Methodist University-College of Liberal Arts and SciencesYesNoBachelor’s40%$20,525
College of the OzarksYesNoNo66%$13,077
Columbia CollegeYesNoBachelor’s30%$22,306
Cottey CollegeYesNoNo59%$18,767
Culver-Stockton CollegeYesNoNo50%$20,327
Drury UniversityYesNoBachelor’s64%$19,150
Evangel UniversityYesYesBachelor’s51%$21,452
Fontbonne UniversityYesNoNo63%$21,861
Hannibal-LaGrange UniversityYesNoNo37%$21,886
Lincoln UniversityYesNoNo21%$10,728
Lindenwood UniversityYesNoNo50%$18,654
Maryville University of Saint LouisYesYesBachelor’sCACREP72%$26,540
Missouri Baptist UniversityYesNoNo36%$20,863
Missouri Southern State UniversityYesNoNo33%$9,446
Missouri State University-SpringfieldYesYesBachelor’sCACREP54%$15,783
Missouri University of Science and TechnologyYesNoMaster’s63%$13,994
Missouri Valley CollegeYesNoBachelor’s23%$18,820
Missouri Western State UniversityYesNoNo34%$10,193
Northwest Missouri State UniversityYesNoNo49%$12,524
Park UniversityYesNoBachelor’s33%$15,359
Rockhurst UniversityYesNoNo75%$22,876
Saint Louis UniversityYesYesNoAPA77%100%11197148^$31,460
Southeast Missouri State UniversityYesNoBachelor’sCACREP49%$12,468
Southwest Baptist UniversityYesNoNo48%$17,765
Stephens CollegeYesNoNo50%$23,418
Truman State UniversityYesNoNo72%$12,351
University of Central MissouriYesYesNoCACREP49%$12,616
University of Missouri-Columbia (School PhD)YesYesBachelor’sAPA, NASP69%80%1045^$17,833
University of Missouri-Columbia (Clinical PhD)YesYesBachelor’sAPA, NASP69%83%645^$17,833
University of Missouri-Kansas City (Clinical PhD)YesYesNoAPA49%80%545^$14,521
University of Missouri-Kansas City (Counseling Psych PhD)YesYesNoAPA49%79%1445^$14,521
University of Missouri-St. LouisYesYesNoAPA, CACREP, NASP52%100%7167^$9,481
Washington University in St. LouisYesYesNoAPA95%88%82813^$27,931
Webster UniversityYesYesNoCACREP59%$22,727
Westminster CollegeYesNoNo58%$22,091
William Jewell CollegeYesNoNo65%$21,594
William Woods UniversityYesNoNo58%$20,934

Schools marked with a caret (^) in US News Best Graduate Psychology Programs ranked in a tie with other programs in their respective positions.
*See our guide to psychology program accreditation for more information on these accrediting bodies.
**The graduation rate is for first-time, full-time undergraduate degree- or certificate-seeking students who began studies in Fall 2012 and is calculated based on the percentage of students earning their degree or certificate within 150% of the normal time for program completion.1

Schools with Psychology Degree Programs in Missouri

Note: Student Reviews are based on the experiences of a few individuals and it is unlikely that you will have similar results. Please review the “Data, Student Reviews and Other Information” section in our Terms of Use and Disclaimers.

Columbia College
1001 Rogers St
Columbia, MO 65201
(573) 875-8700

Student Review: “Columbia College’s psychology program was well worth my time and my money. The curriculum was challenging and rigorous. Each course that was required for the degree designed to educate the student on the various fields of psychology. Each of the professors I had the pleasure of learning from was very well-educated in the field and I felt comfortable with what they were teaching me along the way. I really appreciated the time they took to prepare for our sessions. I really felt that the program prepared me for the field of social work and psychology.” – Student at Columbia College

Evangel University
1001 Rogers St
Columbia, MO 65201
(573) 875-8700

Student Review: “The psychology program at Evangel University was well structured. The professors that I had in class were easily relatable to and provided a healthy learning atmosphere. One thing I enjoyed was the fact that so many of them were personable. I remember one week where there was a test coming up the next day, and the professor texted all the students asking to meet her at McDonald’s to review the study guide together for the upcoming test. The difficulty of the work was fair. I did not find it too overwhelming, but neither did I find that one could easily procrastinate. I would not recommend taking any classes online for this program just because there is such a disconnect between what the style and method of delivery in class, and the way information is presented online. Overall I would suggest to anyone else looking to enter into a psychology program at a university to consider Evangel University.” – Student at Evangel University

Missouri University of Science and Technology
1870 Miner Cir
Rolla, MO 65409
(573) 341-4111

Student Review: “My experience with the psychology program at Missouri University of Science and Technology has been reasonably good. It is a small department on an engineering campus consisting of a close-knit group of students and professors. I was able to do research work for several of the professors throughout my undergraduate studies, and I believe this experience was useful because I learned skills I wouldn’t have otherwise. I was also rather pleased with the course options available, and there were often more specialized courses aside from your typical general psychology, social psychology, cognitive psychology, and abnormal psychology. For example, I was able to take a course specifically regarding Adolescent and Teen psychology as well as educational psychology. I thoroughly enjoyed all of my courses, and I think the relationships I made with my professors definitely contributed toward this. The only downside is that I was unable to determine a career path with my degree. My interests were (and still are) so broad in the range of psychology that I’m unsure what I can actually do with my degree. I feel the department let me down in this regard.” – Student at Missouri University of Science and Technology

Park University
8700 NW River Park Dr
Parkville, MO 64152
(816) 741-2000

Student Review: “The main thing I loved about my school psychology program is that they always were informed on the latest psychological research. Because they were always informed in the latest research, it made the main courses that much more engaging. Even when I opted to take online courses in the department, I never felt as though I was receiving a lesser education than those students who attended the more traditional format of the class. However, the one thing I did dislike about taking the majority of my classes online was that my teachers were located all over the country, so it made it difficult to ask important questions and receive a quick response, but overall I would recommend the program as a whole.” -Student at Park Universitystars-4

Saint Louis University
221 N Grand Blvd
St Louis, MO 63103
(800) 758-3678

Student Review: “Saint Louis University’s Bachelors in Psychology program gave me a solid foundation in my field, as well as the opportunity to take more advanced classes on a wide array of interesting topics. My introductory classes were well-taught, usually by experienced professors, which was surprising to me. Some classes utilized TAs, but they were not the primary instructors. When I began higher-level classes, the quality, as well as style of instruction, was more varied. I still enjoyed and learned a lot from the majority of my classes, but I wish there had been more oversight on some of them. Some upper-level professors were clearly more suited to research and did not always have an interest in (or aptitude for) teaching. On the whole, though, I felt my program was well-structured. There were also plenty of opportunities to attend lectures and special events, and an active chapter of the psychology honors society. Though not a member, this meant that I was always surrounded by intelligent and passionate people. That was what I valued most- being part of a challenging and vibrant community, students and professionals alike.” – Student at Saint Louis University

Truman State University
100 E Normal St.
Kirksville, MO 63501
(660) 785-4000

Student Review: “My experiences at Truman State University and the psychology program there were, on the whole, rather negative. Many professors seemed distant from those students not attached to their various sponsored professional organizations or research teams. There were definite exceptions, and several of my professors provided me with some of my most enjoyable academic experiences through their interactivity and enthusiasm. But many professors seemed more intent on following syllabi and parsing needlessly through laborious texts, outdated historical information, and assignments that amounted to busy work. Falling in love with one’s own content rather than finding ways to make the subject accessible to everyone devalues the subject and makes learning for someone like myself frustrating. As a result, I still ended up with a completely acceptable GPA upon graduation, but that masked the lack of value I found from my time in the program.” -Student at Truman State Universitystars-2

University of Missouri
Columbia, MO 65211
(573) 882-2121

Student Review: “The University of Missouri psychology program was wonderful. I feel like my professors were competent and confident. They brought a lot of insight into the program and took their profession seriously. The professors were all well-known in the psychology world for their accomplishments. Office hours were readily available and professors were willing to meet outside of office hours if necessary. The students in this program also took their studies seriously which aiding in what was taken from my coursework. I feel like the psychology community at the University of Missouri of Columbia is a great program. There is no opportunity for online studies but they do have night studies.” – Student at The University of Missouri

William Woods University
One University Ave.
Fulton, MO 65251
(573) 642-2251

Student Review: “As long as you’re willing to make your own road-map in terms of where you want to go after your undergrad program, the professors will most certainly work with you to make it possible. William Woods has the LEAD program, which makes it particularly easy to get an audience for presentations or subjects for research or experiments. As students in the LEAD program must attend so many LEAD events for points for scholarship money, you may register to make any research event or any presentation of your research a qualified event. Also, because it’s a small school teachers are very willing to schedule classes based on what special needs your graduate program may require, and teachers can even tailor courses to what students need or want. It’s very personal, in a way that benefits you directly as if it were a completely personal school.” – Student at William Woods University

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