Psychology Schools in Missouri

The following guide to psychology schools in Missouri provides essential information designed to make choosing the right psychology program for your career goals easier.

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Missouri Psychology School Facts

Nationally Ranked Top Psychology Programs in Missouri

Our curated list of third-party and proprietary rankings can be useful in measuring the overall value and reputation of a program. Lists include College Factual, Psychology Degree 411, The Princeton Review, and Times Higher Education. Note if one of these lists is not present below, no schools in the state were named on it. Generally, schools and programs ranked on multiple lists tend to be stronger in academic quality.

Schools Ranked on Multiple Lists

  • College of the Ozarks
  • Missouri University of Science and Technology
  • Southeast Missouri State University
  • Northwest Missouri State University
  • Truman State University
  • University of Missouri-Columbia
  • University of Missouri-Kansas City
  • University of Missouri-St Louis
  • Washington University in St. Louis

College Factual’s Best Psychology Schools 2024

  • University of Missouri-Columbia (#94)
  • University of Missouri-Kansas City (#130)
  • Saint Louis University (#156)
  • Missouri State University-Springfield (#161)
  • University of Missouri-St Louis (#183)2

Psychology Degree 411’s Top Schools With Online Psychology Programs

  • University of Missouri (#9)3

The Princeton Review’s Great Schools for Psychology Majors 2024

  • Washington University in St. Louis4

Times Higher Education’s Best Universities for Psychology 2023

  • Washington University in St Louis (#58)
  • Mizzou – University of Missouri (#151-175)
  • Saint Louis University (#201-250)5

Lowest-Priced Schools With a Bachelor’s in Psychology

The following Missouri schools with bachelor’s degrees in psychology have the lowest average net prices. We have included each school’s graduation rate, a key quality metric.

  • Missouri Southern State University ($10,061 / Grad rate: 36%)
  • Harris-Stowe State University ($10,239 / Grad rate: 20%)
  • Lincoln University ($11,199 / Grad rate: 29%)
  • Missouri Western State University ($11,917 / Grad rate: 41%)
  • College of the Ozarks ($12,611 / Grad rate: 63%)
  • University of Missouri-St Louis ($13,211 / Grad rate: 52%)
  • Truman State University ($13,993 / Grad rate: 71%)
  • Missouri University of Science and Technology ($14,023 / Grad rate: 62%)
  • Northwest Missouri State University ($14,197 / Grad rate: 54%)
  • Southeast Missouri State University ($14,519 / Grad rate: 56%)1

Top 25 Bachelor’s in Psychology Programs in Missouri

This table compares the top 25 bachelor’s in psychology programs from not-for-profit schools in Missouri based on a graduation rate above 50% and an annual net price below $30,000. A high graduation rate is a top indicator of student success, and affordability is a key consideration for prospective undergrad students. Programs in bold text offer hybrid or online options.

SchoolGrad Rate*1Accept Rate1Median Debt*6Median Earnings*6Full Price In State1Full Price Out of State1Net Price*1
College of the Ozarks63%21%N.Av.$40,659$28,490$28,490$12,611
University of Missouri-St Louis52%51%$20,000$50,876$22,613$40,880$13,211
Truman State University71%45%$21,000$55,351$18,950$26,972$13,993
Missouri University of Science and Technology62%81%$23,250$82,622$22,613$41,057$14,023
Northwest Missouri State University54%86%$21,500$45,693$19,930$25,997$14,197
Southeast Missouri State University56%86%$21,500$42,700$18,969$25,539$14,519
University of Missouri-Kansas City55%69%$18,750$55,775$23,549$40,022$14,739
University of Central Missouri53%71%$21,000$46,316$19,112$27,152$15,117
Cottey College56%73%$19,043$35,806$33,580$33,580$17,123
Avila University51%68%$25,000$52,544$30,100$30,100$17,210
Missouri State University-Springfield58%93%$21,992$47,850$18,386$26,926$17,677
Lindenwood University54%74%$26,000$49,080$29,500$29,500$18,016
University of Missouri-Columbia75%79%$20,500$61,073$22,871$42,860$19,889
William Jewell College62%41%$24,498$59,207$29,740$29,740$20,108
Fontbonne University58%94%$25,000$48,326$39,552$39,552$20,732
Evangel University72%68%$24,736$45,450$35,576$35,576$20,963
Drury University64%63%$20,979$39,169$44,062$44,062$20,996
Rockhurst University77%66%$18,250$62,890$51,981$51,981$22,994
Webster University59%55%$23,000$48,965$42,238$42,238$23,069
William Woods University51%61%$21,983$43,767$37,930$37,930$23,363
Washington University in St Louis94%12%$17,500$90,646$79,060$79,060$23,432
Central Methodist University-College of Liberal Arts and Sciences52%98%$17,619$42,616$36,050$36,050$24,828
Maryville University of Saint Louis67%88%$22,000$55,969$39,166$39,166$26,757
Westminster College64%75%$27,000$51,446$44,906$44,906$26,768
Saint Louis University81%85%$25,000$69,878$64,534$64,534$29,651

*See Table Notes at bottom of page.

Comparison of All Graduate Psychology Programs in Missouri

This table compares all of Missouri’s graduate-level psychology programs from not-for-profit schools on multiple factors.

We’ve included accreditation status by the American Psychological Association (APA), the Masters in Psychology and Counseling Accreditation Council (MPCAC), and the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP). We also highlight the levels offered, 2020-2022 pass rates for the Examination for Professional Practice of Psychology (EPPP), and tuition information. Note EPPP scores are reported by degree type (clinical, counseling, or school psychology) and level (PhD or PsyD), so some schools may be listed more than once to include all pass rates. Schools in bold text offer hybrid or online options. Tuition per credit hour is more relevant for master’s and PsyD programs due to the fact that PhD students typically receive more program-awarded funding.

SchoolAccreditation7-10Levels OfferedEPPP Pass Rate 2020-2211EPPP # Taking 2020-2211Grad Tuition Per Credit Hour
Avila UniversityMPCACMS$600
Kansas City UniversityAPAPsyD$353
Missouri State University-SpringfieldMS, PsyD$460
Missouri University of Science and TechnologyMS$550
Park UniversityMA$695
Saint Louis UniversityAPAPhD94%17$1,310
Southeast Missouri State UniversityMA$365
University of Missouri-Columbia (Clinical PhD)APA, NASPMA, EdS, PhD100%10$526
University of Missouri-Columbia (Counseling PhD)APA, NASPMA, EdS, PhD56%16$526
University of Missouri-Columbia (School PhD)APA, NASPMA, EdS, PhD75%8$526
University of Missouri-Kansas City (Clinical PhD)APAPhD89%9$488
University of Missouri-Kansas City (Counseling PhD)APAPhD78%18$488
University of Missouri-St LouisAPA, NASPMA, EdS, MEd, PhD100%15$614
Washington University in St LouisAPAPhD90%10$2,573
Webster UniversityMA$730
William Woods UniversityMA$450

Missouri Schools With Psychology Programs

Note: Student Reviews are based on the experiences of a few individuals and not everyone has the same results. Please review the “Data, Student Reviews, and Other Information” section in our Terms of Use and Disclaimers.

Columbia College
1001 Rogers St
Columbia, MO 65201
(573) 875-8700

Student Review: “Columbia College’s psychology program was well worth my time and my money. The curriculum was challenging and rigorous. Each course that was required for the degree designed to educate the student on the various fields of psychology. Each of the professors I had the pleasure of learning from was very well-educated in the field and I felt comfortable with what they were teaching me along the way. I really appreciated the time they took to prepare for our sessions. I really felt that the program prepared me for the field of social work and psychology.” – Student at Columbia College

Evangel University
1001 Rogers St
Columbia, MO 65201
(573) 875-8700

Student Review: “The psychology program at Evangel University was well structured. The professors that I had in class were easily relatable to and provided a healthy learning atmosphere. One thing I enjoyed was the fact that so many of them were personable. I remember one week where there was a test coming up the next day, and the professor texted all the students asking to meet her at McDonald’s to review the study guide together for the upcoming test. The difficulty of the work was fair. I did not find it too overwhelming, but neither did I find that one could easily procrastinate. I would not recommend taking any classes online for this program just because there is such a disconnect between what the style and method of delivery in class, and the way information is presented online. Overall I would suggest to anyone else looking to enter into a psychology program at a university to consider Evangel University.” – Student at Evangel University

Missouri University of Science and Technology
1870 Miner Cir
Rolla, MO 65409
(573) 341-4111

Student Review: “My experience with the psychology program at Missouri University of Science and Technology has been reasonably good. It is a small department on an engineering campus consisting of a close-knit group of students and professors. I was able to do research work for several of the professors throughout my undergraduate studies, and I believe this experience was useful because I learned skills I wouldn’t have otherwise. I was also rather pleased with the course options available, and there were often more specialized courses aside from your typical general psychology, social psychology, cognitive psychology, and abnormal psychology. For example, I was able to take a course specifically regarding Adolescent and Teen psychology as well as educational psychology. I thoroughly enjoyed all of my courses, and I think the relationships I made with my professors definitely contributed toward this. The only downside is that I was unable to determine a career path with my degree. My interests were (and still are) so broad in the range of psychology that I’m unsure what I can actually do with my degree. I feel the department let me down in this regard.” – Student at Missouri University of Science and Technology

Park University
8700 NW River Park Dr
Parkville, MO 64152
(816) 741-2000

Student Review: “The main thing I loved about my school psychology program is that they always were informed on the latest psychological research. Because they were always informed in the latest research, it made the main courses that much more engaging. Even when I opted to take online courses in the department, I never felt as though I was receiving a lesser education than those students who attended the more traditional format of the class. However, the one thing I did dislike about taking the majority of my classes online was that my teachers were located all over the country, so it made it difficult to ask important questions and receive a quick response, but overall I would recommend the program as a whole.” – Student at Park Universitystars-4

Saint Louis University
221 N Grand Blvd
St Louis, MO 63103
(800) 758-3678

Student Review: “Saint Louis University’s Bachelors in Psychology program gave me a solid foundation in my field, as well as the opportunity to take more advanced classes on a wide array of interesting topics. My introductory classes were well-taught, usually by experienced professors, which was surprising to me. Some classes utilized TAs, but they were not the primary instructors. When I began higher-level classes, the quality, as well as style of instruction, was more varied. I still enjoyed and learned a lot from the majority of my classes, but I wish there had been more oversight on some of them. Some upper-level professors were clearly more suited to research and did not always have an interest in (or aptitude for) teaching. On the whole, though, I felt my program was well-structured. There were also plenty of opportunities to attend lectures and special events, and an active chapter of the psychology honors society. Though not a member, this meant that I was always surrounded by intelligent and passionate people. That was what I valued most- being part of a challenging and vibrant community, students and professionals alike.” – Student at Saint Louis University

Truman State University
100 E Normal St.
Kirksville, MO 63501
(660) 785-4000

Student Review: “My experiences at Truman State University and the psychology program there were, on the whole, rather negative. Many professors seemed distant from those students not attached to their various sponsored professional organizations or research teams. There were definite exceptions, and several of my professors provided me with some of my most enjoyable academic experiences through their interactivity and enthusiasm. But many professors seemed more intent on following syllabi and parsing needlessly through laborious texts, outdated historical information, and assignments that amounted to busy work. Falling in love with one’s own content rather than finding ways to make the subject accessible to everyone devalues the subject and makes learning for someone like myself frustrating. As a result, I still ended up with a completely acceptable GPA upon graduation, but that masked the lack of value I found from my time in the program.” – Student at Truman State Universitystars-2

University of Missouri
Columbia, MO 65211
(573) 882-2121

Student Review: “The University of Missouri psychology program was wonderful. I feel like my professors were competent and confident. They brought a lot of insight into the program and took their profession seriously. The professors were all well-known in the psychology world for their accomplishments. Office hours were readily available and professors were willing to meet outside of office hours if necessary. The students in this program also took their studies seriously which aiding in what was taken from my coursework. I feel like the psychology community at the University of Missouri of Columbia is a great program. There is no opportunity for online studies but they do have night studies.” – Student at The University of Missouri

William Woods University
One University Ave.
Fulton, MO 65251
(573) 642-2251

Student Review: “As long as you’re willing to make your own road-map in terms of where you want to go after your undergrad program, the professors will most certainly work with you to make it possible. William Woods has the LEAD program, which makes it particularly easy to get an audience for presentations or subjects for research or experiments. As students in the LEAD program must attend so many LEAD events for points for scholarship money, you may register to make any research event or any presentation of your research a qualified event. Also, because it’s a small school teachers are very willing to schedule classes based on what special needs your graduate program may require, and teachers can even tailor courses to what students need or want. It’s very personal, in a way that benefits you directly as if it were a completely personal school.” – Student at William Woods University

*Table Notes:
-N.Av. indicates data is not available.
-Metrics are institution-wide unless otherwise noted.
-Graduation rate is completion percentage within six years of start.
-Median (average) debt is cumulative federal loan debt for undergraduate completers in 2020-2021.
-Median earnings are from the 2020-2021 cohort 10 years post school entry.
-Net price is the average yearly price paid by full-time, first-year undergraduate students receiving financial aid. See NCES for more in-depth information.

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