Psychology Schools in Nebraska

Choosing a psychology program, especially with the many options available in Nebraska, can pose a challenge. The following guide to psychology schools in Nebraska, which includes profiles of several undergraduate and graduate programs, contains essential information on the programs offered in the state. Nebraska’s universities offer both undergraduate and graduate programs in psychology, preparing students for successful careers in the field. Some universities even offer undergraduate and graduate psychology degree programs online, providing students a flexible alternative to a traditional college or university.

Quick Facts

  • There are 21 not-for-profit colleges and universities with psychology degree programs in Nebraska.1
  • 2 schools offer an associate’s degree in psychology.1
  • 18 schools offer a bachelor’s degree in psychology.1
  • 8 schools offer a master’s or advanced degree in psychology.1
  • 1 school ranked in Kiplinger’s Best College Values in 2019.2
  • 1 school ranked in the Princeton Review’s Great Schools for Psychology Majors for 2018.3
  • No schools ranked in PsychologyDegree411’s Top Schools with Online Psychology Programs.4
  • No schools ranked in Times Higher Education’s Best Universities for Psychology 2019.5

For not-for-profit colleges and universities with psychology degree programs.

Top-Ranked Schools with Psychology Programs in Nebraska

Kiplinger’s Best College Values 2019*

  • University of Nebraska-Lincoln (#83)

*Institution-wide ranking.

Princeton Review’s Great Schools for Psychology Majors for 2018

  • University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Continue reading to learn more about several of the popular undergraduate and graduate psychology programs offered at Nebraska’s colleges and universities.

Schools in Nebraska with Psychology Programs

Traditional Undergraduate Programs

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln awards the Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology and the Bachelor of Science (BS) in Psychology to students who successfully complete the four-year, 120-credit undergraduate program. Psychology majors will take a combination of general college coursework, core psychology requirements, and psychology electives focusing on such topics as introduction to psychology, aggression, conflict and conflict resolution, drugs and behavior, and psychology of immigration. Eligible students may apply for the Honors Program and may join Psi Chi, the national honor society for psychology students, which holds meetings and hosts events such as Psi Chi Research Night.

Creighton University

Creighton University affords psychology majors the opportunity to earn a bachelor’s degree in psychology upon successful completion of the four-year undergraduate program. Students may also minor in behavioral and cognitive neuropsychology. Psychology majors must complete such core courses as Introduction to Psychology, Research Methods and Statistics, Cognitive Psychology, Social Psychology, and Psychology of Personality. Academically eligible students may apply for the honors program. Psychology majors are encouraged to complete an internship to gain valuable real-world experience and to become active on campus, in such organizations as Psi Chi. Students preparing to continue to graduate study often conduct research and share that research at local and national psychology seminars and conferences.

Traditional Graduate Programs

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln offers five areas of graduate study: Clinical, Developmental, Law-Psychology, Neuroscience and Behavior, and Social and Cognitive. The Social and Cognitive Psychology program is a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) program with three tracks: Social, Cognitive, and Social-Cognitive. The Neuroscience and Behavior program offers Master of Arts (MA) and PhD degrees. The Law-Psychology area is offered in conjunction with the College of Law and offers a PhD with a Juris Doctor (JD-PhD), a PhD with a Master’s of Legal Studies (PhD-MLS), or a JD-MA degree. The Developmental Psychology program at UN-Lincoln focuses on human growth. The Clinical Psychology Training Program (CPTP) follows the scientist-practitioner model and is one of the oldest training programs in the country.

University of Nebraska-Omaha

The University of Nebraska-Omaha offers a rich variety of psychology programs at the graduate level. It offers a Master of Arts (MA) in Cognitive Psychology, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Neuroscience & Behavior, Social/Personality Psychology, Developmental Psychology, or Applied Behavior Analysis; a Master of Science (MS) in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and School Psychology; a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Neuroscience & Behavior, or Developmental Psychology; an Educational Specialist degree in School Psychology; and a Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis. UNO offers a unique Dual Enrollment program, allowing high-performing high school students to take courses in the program for college credit while still enrolled in high school. The MS in I/O Psychology is a two-year, 36-hour program; the MA in I/O Psychology is a two-to-three-year, 36-hour program; and the PhD in I/O Psychology is 54 credit hours beyond the 36 from the master’s program, which typically takes an additional three to four years.

Online Psychology Programs

Peru State College

Peru State College confers the Bachelor of Science (BS) in Psychology or the Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology to students who complete its rigorous academic program. Students on the BS track will take additional science and math courses, while students on the BA track will gain proficiency in a foreign language. 57 credit hours of the degree plan are devoted to major courses in psychology, which include Cognitive Psychology, Research Methods, Psychological Tests and Measurements, and Abnormal Psychology. Students also take a capstone seminar that is centered around an individual research project as well as group discussion. All psychology courses except for drug and alcohol counseling are offered online. Graduates are well prepared to seek admission to graduate school or to begin entry-level careers in psychology and related fields.

Bellevue University

Bellevue University offers an online Master of Science in Industrial and Organizational Psychology that builds graduates’ understanding of human behavior in workplace settings and develops the skills needed to improve workplace productivity, cost efficiency, and employee health and satisfaction. Students also gain a fundamental understanding of personnel selection, talent management, and workplace performance and the skills needed to analyze and overcome organizational challenges for both public and private entities. The program is offered in a cohort format on an accelerated schedule, allowing students to earn the master’s degree in less time than typical on-campus programs. To be considered for admission students must have at least a 2.5 undergraduate GPA and may be required to provide letters of recommendation and/or personal/professional essays.

EPPP Pass Rate and Accreditation Information for Psychology Programs in Nebraska

The table below is designed to help you compare not-for-profit psychology schools in Nebraska on a variety of factors. Clicking on the arrows in the top row allows you to sort the table. In addition to factors such as focus areas offered and tuition costs, accreditation is an important consideration when researching psychology programs. Depending on the type of program and the ultimate career path you are considering, accreditation from the American Psychological Association (APA), the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP), the Council for Accreditation of Counseling & Related Education Programs (CACREP), or the Psychological Clinical Science Accreditation System (PCSAS) can make it easier to become licensed in your desired area of practice. For more information on these accreditations, see our overview of accreditation for psychology programs. You should also ensure that the program you are considering will meet the licensure requirements in the state where you wish to practice. The Examination for Professional Practice of Psychology (EPPP), a licensing exam administered by the Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards (ASPPB), is required in most US states in order to qualify for psychologist licensure. The EPPP results shown below are provided are for the exam period from February 1, 2015 to March 21, 2017.6 Only results from APA-accredited or ASPPB-designated doctoral programs with at least four test-takers during the exam period are included.6

SchoolBA/BSGrad Prog.Online Prog.Nat’l Accred.*Grad Rate**EPPP Pass Rate6# Taking6College Factual Under-
grad Rank7
US News Grad Rank8Net Price
Bellevue UniversityYesNoBachelor’s, Master’sCACREP0%$9,635
Chadron State CollegeYesYesBachelor’s43%$14,073
College of Saint MaryYesNoNo60%$15,064
Concordia University-NebraskaYesNoBachelor’s63%$20,681
Creighton UniversityYesNoNo81%115$31,317
Doane University-Arts & SciencesYesNoNo65%$24,846
Doane University-Graduate and Professional StudiesNoYesNoN/A$15,572
Hastings CollegeYesNoNo53%$21,351
Midland UniversityYesNoNo44%$23,601
Nebraska Wesleyan UniversityYesNoNo63%$24,519
Peru State CollegeYesNoBachelor’s35%$14,846
Union CollegeYesNoNo50%$22,725
University of Nebraska at KearneyYesNoNoCACREP, NASP58%$15,975
University of Nebraska at OmahaYesYesNoCACREP, NASP48%167^$12,105
University of Nebraska-Lincoln (Counseling PhD)YesYesNoAPA, NASP69%44%918366^$17,315
University of Nebraska-Lincoln (School PhD)YesYesNoAPA, NASP69%88%818366^$17,315
University of Nebraska-Lincoln (Clinical PhD)YesYesNoAPA, NASP69%83%1318366^$17,315
Wayne State CollegeYesNoNoCACREP43%$13,193
York CollegeYesNoBachelor’s51%$15,099

Schools marked with a caret (^) in US News Best Graduate Psychology Programs ranked in a tie with other programs in their respective positions.
*See our guide to psychology program accreditation for more information on these accrediting bodies.
**The graduation rate is for first-time, full-time undergraduate degree- or certificate-seeking students who began studies in Fall 2012 and is calculated based on the percentage of students earning their degree or certificate within 150% of the normal time for program completion.1

Schools with Psychology Degree Programs in Nebraska

Note: Student Reviews are based on the experiences of a few individuals and it is unlikely that you will have similar results. Please review the “Data, Student Reviews and Other Information” section in our Terms of Use and Disclaimers.

Bellevue University
1000 Galvin Rd S
Bellevue, NE 68005
(800) 756-7920

Student Review: “Getting a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology at Bellevue University was a rewarding experience. Some of the testing and presentations we had to give were in person, but the majority of the degree was online, which allowed for some flexibility with my schedule. The assignments could be challenging at times because you would have a week to turn in a large paper that you may not have any previous knowledge of the subject. This was a positive thing for me because it forced me to set aside the time to learn about the subject matter such as different mental illnesses and the different ways people deal with them. The most exciting part of the degree was being able to network with others who were already in the field who were sponsored by the Nebraska Psychological Society. This gave me an opportunity to meet some of the people who could later give me a chance at a job in the field.” – Student at Bellevue University

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