Psychology Schools in Tennessee

The following guide to psychology schools in Tennessee contains important information on the undergraduate and graduate psychology programs in the state and is designed to make choosing the best program for your goals easier.

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Tennessee Psychology School Facts

Nationally Ranked Top Psychology Programs in Tennessee

Our curated list of third-party and proprietary rankings can be useful in measuring the overall value and reputation of a program. Lists include College Factual, Psychology Degree 411, The Princeton Review, and Times Higher Education. Note if one of these lists is not present below, no schools in the state were named on it. Generally, schools and programs ranked on multiple lists tend to be stronger in academic quality.

Schools Ranked on Multiple Lists

  • East Tennessee State University
  • Middle Tennessee State University
  • Tennessee Technological University
  • Trevecca Nazarene University
  • Tennessee Wesleyan University
  • University of Tennessee-Knoxville
  • University of Tennessee-Martin
  • University of Memphis
  • Vanderbilt University

College Factual’s Best Psychology Schools 2024

  • Vanderbilt University (#13)
  • Sewanee-The University of the South (#139)2

Psychology Degree 411’s Top Schools With Online Psychology Programs

  • University of Memphis (#19)3

The Princeton Review’s Great Schools for Psychology Majors 2024

  • University of Tennessee-Knoxville4

Times Higher Education’s Best Universities for Psychology 2023

  • Vanderbilt University (#44)5

Lowest-Priced Schools With a Bachelor’s in Psychology

The following Tennessee schools with bachelor’s degrees in psychology have the lowest average net prices. Please note that we grouped regional campuses together and included a range for the net price of these schools. We have included each school’s graduation rate, a key quality metric.

  • Tennessee State University ($11,986 / Grad rate: 32%)
  • The University of Tennessee Regional Campuses ($12,619-$14,417 / Grad rate: 52%-53%)
  • Middle Tennessee State University ($13,062 / Grad rate: 55%)
  • Tennessee Wesleyan University ($13,591 / Grad rate: 50%)
  • Bethel University ($13,858 / Grad rate: 45%)
  • University of Memphis ($13,873 / Grad rate: 48%)
  • East Tennessee State University ($14,350 / Grad rate: 55%)
  • Tennessee Technological University ($15,188 / Grad rate: 60%)
  • Trevecca Nazarene University ($16,080 / Grad rate: 61%)
  • Austin Peay State University ($16,140 / Grad rate: 43%)1

Top 20 Bachelor’s in Psychology Programs in Tennessee

This table compares the top 20 bachelor’s in psychology programs from not-for-profit schools in Tennessee based on a graduation rate above 50% and an annual net price of $25,000 or below. A high graduation rate is a top indicator of student success, and affordability is a key consideration for prospective undergrad students. Programs in bold text offer hybrid or online options.

SchoolGrad Rate*1Accept Rate1Median Debt*6Median Earnings*6Full Price In State1Full Price Out of State1Net Price*1
The University of Tennessee-Martin53%68%$21,024$43,043$25,394$43,814$12,619
Middle Tennessee State University55%73%$20,000$46,693$18,808$37,840$13,062
Tennessee Wesleyan University50%61%$20,000$42,661$35,950$35,950$13,591
East Tennessee State University55%85%$19,442$42,563$19,287$23,097$14,350
The University of Tennessee-Chattanooga52%83%$19,500$46,266$19,348$35,466$14,417
Tennessee Technological University60%78%$15,650$45,397$20,304$30,336$15,188
Trevecca Nazarene University61%71%$18,744$51,250$38,100$38,100$16,080
Bryan College-Dayton51%N.Av.$23,000$48,386$26,150$26,150$16,752
Freed-Hardeman University70%91%$21,500$42,173$32,250$32,250$18,556
Christian Brothers University60%87%$27,000$53,563$45,740$45,740$18,612
Welch College59%N.Av.$19,500$35,816$28,340$28,340$18,966
Lincoln Memorial University51%78%$20,000$44,726$36,250$36,250$19,162
Lee University63%73%$25,750$42,772$30,570$30,570$19,726
Milligan University63%67%$25,219$44,385$45,300$45,300$19,865
Carson-Newman University56%80%$21,500$43,846$43,097$43,097$20,111
Fisk University56%71%$27,000$42,011$35,078$35,078$20,578
Johnson University66%63%$21,500$38,008$27,938$27,938$21,012
Maryville College53%70%$25,375$45,765$50,374$50,374$21,583
The University of Tennessee-Knoxville73%68%$20,500$56,615$25,394$43,814$21,880
Southern Adventist University52%66%$24,500$49,250$32,200$32,200$24,332

*See Table Notes at bottom of page.

Comparison of All Graduate Psychology Programs in Tennessee

This table compares all of Tennessee’s graduate-level psychology programs from not-for-profit schools on multiple factors.

We’ve included accreditation status by the American Psychological Association (APA), the Masters in Psychology and Counseling Accreditation Council (MPCAC), and the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP). We also highlight the levels offered, 2020-2022 pass rates for the Examination for Professional Practice of Psychology (EPPP), and tuition information. Note EPPP scores are reported by degree type (clinical, counseling, or school psychology) and level (PhD or PsyD), so some schools may be listed more than once to include all pass rates. Schools in bold text offer hybrid or online options. Tuition per credit hour is more relevant for master’s and PsyD programs due to the fact that PhD students typically receive more program-awarded funding.

SchoolAccreditation7-10Levels OfferedEPPP Pass Rate 2020-2211EPPP # Taking 2020-2211Grad Tuition Per Credit Hour
Austin Peay State UniversityMS, PsyD$553
East Tennessee State UniversityAPAPhD100%10$554
Fisk UniversityMA$1,255
Lincoln Memorial UniversityMS$565
Lipscomb UniversityMS$962
Middle Tennessee State UniversityNASPMA, EdS$618
Tennessee State UniversityAPAMS, PhD41%27$533
The University of Tennessee-ChattanoogaNASPMS$616
University of Memphis (Clinical PhD)APA, NASPMA, EdS, PhD88%17$623
University of Memphis (Counseling PhD)APA, NASPMA, EdS, PhD60%20$623
University of Memphis (School PhD)APA, NASPMA, EdS, PhD78%9$623
University of Tennessee-Knoxville (Clinical PhD)APA, NASPMA, EdS, PhD94%16$1,135
University of Tennessee-Knoxville (Counseling PhD)APA, NASPMA, EdS, PhD87%15$1,135
University of Tennessee-Knoxville (School PhD)APA, NASPMA, EdS, PhD78%9$1,135
Vanderbilt UniversityAPAMS92%13$2,281

Tennessee Schools With Psychology Programs

Note: Student Reviews are based on the experiences of a few individuals and not everyone has the same results. Please review the “Data, Student Reviews, and Other Information” section in our Terms of Use and Disclaimers.

East Tennessee State University
1276 Gilbreath Dr
Johnson City, TN 37604
(423) 439-1000

Student Review: “The very first class I took at ETSU was Intro to Psychology – what I assumed would be a generic and boring class. However, I was pleasantly surprised with the instructor as well as the content. Learning about different areas of the brain is what made me fall in love with the program in general. East Tennessee State University is not known for its psychology department, and aside from the entry-level classes, the rest were difficult and challenging. For the most part, my instructors seemed competent and were able to ask any question that I threw at them. Some of them were able to go into great detail concerning my questions causing me to probe into deeper into the matter. The technology use at ETSU was a little sparse, they did have projectors in every room, but I felt like I was stuck in 1995 with most of the technology available. Their online homework assignments were always a little quirky, but mostly the online portion functioned as it should. I do wish they had utilized the calendar aspects of the online tool, as I always had to ask my classmates about upcoming events because there was no section devoted to such things. Even though the online structure of my education was lacking, I must say that the courses and instructors were great and I did feel challenged most of the time.” – Student at East Tennessee State

Freed-Hardeman University
158 E Main St
Henderson, TN 38340
(731) 989-6000

Student Review: “Freed-Hardeman University has a great psychology program; the teachers are very interesting and very well versed in their field. Most teachers at Freed-Hardeman have their own practices and have other professions as well, such as counselors or ministers. Another thing I like about their program is that Freed Hardeman is a Christian school, so we also look at the topics in our classes along with what the bible says and how they compare and differ. Most people that go through Freed Hardeman University end up either becoming counselors or therapists. The quality of the program is very good and I would recommend it to anyone who is wanting to pursue a degree in psychology.” – Student at Freed-Hardeman University

Student Review: “The Freed-Hardeman University undergraduate program for psychology utilized two main professors. My experiences were mainly positive but this depended highly on the teacher I had for the psychology class. One professor was incredibly helpful, he was all of the psychology students’ adviser, and he taught his classes well. His courses were not easy but with a little effort, an A or B was easily possible. The other teacher did not teach well or efficiently and showed more focus on buying students’ favor. However, both teachers were always willing to give extra help after class or during their office hours. Another issue is the university does not offer online courses in psychology. Yet, even with the one lacking teacher and the need for online courses, I still feel that the Freed-Hardeman psychology program prepared me for graduate studies.” – Student at Freed-Hardeman University

University of Tennessee
Knoxville, TN 37996

Student Review: “The University of Tennessee’s psychology program was overall a pleasant experience. The university offers a wide variety of psychology courses that cover nearly all forms of human growth and development. Also, most courses are very flexible in that they are available in the morning, afternoon, or evening. Also in comparison to other universities within the state of Tennessee, it has one of the lowest tuition rates, making it more affordable.” – Student at University of Tennessee

Student Review: “Coming into the University of Tennessee’s psychology department, I had no idea what to expect. I had taken AP psychology in high school and did moderately well, but I did not know how I would do in such a large SEC environment. I had heard horror stories about academics taking the back seat to football season, and professors not caring about their 200 students in the class. I am fortunate that this was not my case at all! Most of my undergraduate career was taught by doctoral candidates, who made the classes extremely relatable and applied psychology to modern issues. All of my professors were flexible beyond their mandatory office hours and had a genuine desire for students to achieve. Being in such a large school had an advantage because there were always opportunities to experience lab research firsthand. Besides this, there were many prominent speakers from the psychology community, including interesting talks such as a xTED talk series. The University of Tennessee offers an amazing program, and I feel blessed to be a Vol and to be in the program.” – Student at University of Tennessee

Student Review: “The psychology program at the University of Tennessee was an excellent program with excellent professors; however, there are some areas where the university could improve. The university offered a variety of psychology courses to choose from; however, there were some courses that were difficult to get into. For example, a psychology course on sexuality was only offered one time per semester and due to the high demand of the class, it was almost impossible to sign up for this particular course. Most professors were eager to include students in research activities and made great efforts to include students in activities outside of the classroom. Also, due to the large number of people graduating with a degree in psychology, the department offered a workshop on the many different uses and paths to take after obtaining an undergraduate degree in psychology. One aspect that the program could improve on is assisting students with obtaining jobs relevant to the degree upon graduation.” – Student at University of Tennessee

Student Review: “The psychology program at the University of Tennessee is an excellent program that offers a variety of helpful psychology courses. Teachers are very intelligent, knowledgeable, and have the work experience needed to be effective. The program, however, is so large that it is unable to help students successfully find employment upon graduation. Also, some courses are difficult to get into due to high demand. It would be more beneficial for more serious students if the program was a bit more selective.” – Student at University of Tennessee

Student Review: “To begin, I was not sure what I wanted to study when I started college. I knew that I wanted to prepare for law school, but I had no idea on what curriculum I wanted to focus on. I chose the English and psychology route. Psychology was a blessing at the University of Tennessee. The 100 level (first year) courses are great. They are packed with students and are designed in a way that they will let you know if psychology is a field that you want to pursue academically, while still being beneficial if you decide it’s not for you. The higher level courses are fantastic. They have a large variety of specific course topics and subjects to choose from. The best part about the upperclassmen psychology studies at UT is that the department is centrally located on a large campus. This means I was always near a large population of students, great thinkers, and knowledgeable scholars.” – Student at University of Tennessee

*Table Notes:
-N.Av. indicates data is not available.
-Metrics are institution-wide unless otherwise noted.
-Graduation rate is completion percentage within six years of start.
-Median (average) debt is cumulative federal loan debt for undergraduate completers in 2020-2021.
-Median earnings are from the 2020-2021 cohort 10 years post school entry.
-Net price is the average yearly price paid by full-time, first-year undergraduate students receiving financial aid. See NCES for more in-depth information.

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