Best Online and Campus Psychology Schools in Washington

This page covers all you need to know about psychology schools in Washington, including degree availability, affordability, and state rankings.

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Washington Psychology School Facts

Nationally Ranked Top Psychology Programs in Washington

Our curated list of third-party and proprietary rankings can be useful in measuring the overall value and reputation of a program. Lists include College Factual, Psychology Degree 411, The Princeton Review, and Times Higher Education. Note if one of these lists is not present below, no schools in the state were named on it. Generally, schools and programs ranked on multiple lists tend to be stronger in academic quality.

Schools Ranked on Multiple Lists

  • Central Washington University
  • Eastern Washington University
  • Northwest University
  • Pacific Lutheran University
  • Saint Martin’s University
  • Washington State University
  • Western Washington University
  • University of Washington-Bothell
  • University of Washington-Seattle
  • University of Washington-Tacoma

College Factual’s Best Psychology Schools 2024

  • Washington State University (#72)
  • Seattle University (#98)
  • Seattle Pacific University (#106)
  • Gonzaga University (#149)2

Psychology Degree 411’s Top Schools With Online Psychology Programs

  • Washington State University (#14)
  • Central Washington University (#27)3

The Princeton Review’s Great Schools for Psychology Majors 2024

  • University of Mary Washington
  • University of Puget Sound
  • Washington & Jefferson College4

Times Higher Education’s Best Universities for Psychology 2023

  • University of Washington-Seattle (#38)
  • Washington State University (#176-200)5

Most Affordable Schools With a Bachelor’s in Psychology

The following Washington schools with bachelor’s degrees in psychology have the lowest average net prices. Please note that we grouped regional campuses together and included a range for the net price of these schools. We have included each school’s graduation rate, a key quality metric.

  • Heritage University ($7,841 / Grad rate: 45%)
  • University of Washington Regional Campuses ($9,357-$10,680 / Grad rate: 54%-84%)
  • Eastern Washington University ($12,827 / Grad rate: 50%)
  • Central Washington University ($15,864 / Grad rate: 52%)
  • Washington State University ($17,911 / Grad rate: 62%)
  • Western Washington University ($21,105 / Grad rate: 65%)
  • Saint Martin’s University ($21,811 / Grad rate: 60%)
  • Northwest University ($23,722 / Grad rate: 68%)
  • Northwest University-Center for Online and Extended Education ($22,070 / Grad rate: 38%)
  • Pacific Lutheran University ($24,825 / Grad rate: 72%)1

Top 13 Bachelor’s in Psychology Programs in Washington

This table compares the top 13 bachelor’s in psychology programs from not-for-profit schools in Washington based on a graduation rate of 50% or above and an annual net price below $30,000. A high graduation rate is a top indicator of student success, and affordability is a key consideration for prospective undergrad students. Programs in bold text offer hybrid or online options.

SchoolGrad Rate*1Accept Rate1Median Debt*6Median Earnings*6Full Price In State1Full Price Out of State1Net Price*1
University of Washington-Bothell69%88%$14,615$74,063$27,506$56,004$9,357
University of Washington-Seattle84%48%$14,615$74,063$28,310$56,808$10,603
University of Washington-Tacoma54%88%$14,615$74,063$26,678$55,176$10,680
Eastern Washington University50%96%$19,500$55,189$21,878$40,268$12,827
Central Washington University52%93%$19,500$59,283$22,490$39,555$15,864
Washington State University62%83%$19,500$65,331$25,097$40,781$17,911
Western Washington University65%93%$18,500$59,142$23,658$41,564$21,105
Saint Martin’s University60%95%$22,500$60,191$56,060$56,060$21,811
Northwest University68%94%$20,891$52,311$45,140$45,140$23,722
Pacific Lutheran University72%89%$22,578$60,932$62,754$62,754$24,825
Walla Walla University63%N.Av.$26,842$56,658$41,577$41,577$25,314
Seattle Pacific University65%91%$24,000$61,006$51,567$51,567$26,549
Whitworth University76%91%$25,000$57,211$62,090$62,090$28,299

*See Table Notes at bottom of page.

Comparison of All Graduate Psychology Programs in Washington

This table compares all of Washington’s graduate-level psychology programs from not-for-profit schools on multiple factors.

We’ve included accreditation status by the American Psychological Association (APA), the Masters in Psychology and Counseling Accreditation Council (MPCAC), and the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP). We also highlight the levels offered, 2020-2022 pass rates for the Examination for Professional Practice of Psychology (EPPP), and tuition information. Note EPPP scores are reported by degree type (clinical, counseling, or school psychology) and level (PhD or PsyD), so some schools may be listed more than once to include all pass rates. Schools in bold text offer hybrid or online options. Tuition per credit hour is more relevant for master’s and PsyD programs due to the fact that PhD students typically receive more program-awarded funding.

SchoolAccreditation7-10Levels OfferedEPPP Pass Rate 2020-2211EPPP # Taking 2020-2211Grad Tuition Per Credit Hour
Antioch University-SeattleAPAMA, PsyD68%19$1,032
Bastyr UniversityMA$790
Central Washington UniversityNASPMS, EdS$1,071
Eastern Washington UniversityEdS$423
Gonzaga UniversityEdS, PsyD$1,090
Northwest UniversityAPAMA59%17$1,005
Seattle Pacific UniversityAPAMA, MS, PhD93%28$899
Seattle UniversityNASPMA, EdS$834
The Seattle School of Theology & PsychologyMA$720
University of Washington-Seattle Campus (Clinical PhD)APA, NASPMA, MEd, PhD100%22$1,141
University of Washington-Seattle Campus (School PhD)APA, NASPMA, MEd, PhD91%11$1,141
University of Washington-Tacoma CampusEdS$1,954
Washington State UniversityAPAPhD100%18$578
Western Washington UniversityMS$884

Washington Schools With Psychology Programs

Note: Student Reviews are based on the experiences of a few individuals and not everyone has the same results. Please review the “Data, Student Reviews, and Other Information” section in our Terms of Use and Disclaimers.

Bellevue College
3000 Landerholm Cir SE
Bellevue, WA 98007
(425) 564-1000

Student Review: “Dr. Helen Taylor was the head of the psychology department while I was attending Bellevue, and her classes were absolutely wonderful. She incorporated such a good balance of visuals, text learning, class discussion, group work, and thought-provoking real-world examples of phenomena. Lots of moving around and seeing many, many different perspectives. She would try to get her classes involved on the campus, meaning sometimes she’d cancel a lesson if there was an interesting speaker presenting at our campus. Even if the speaker’s talk wasn’t directly related, she would find a way to merge the principles we were learning. As another example, one time in our abnormal psychology class she had the students pair up, go out to the campus and act in an odd way. Some people walked around backward, some kids waited for groups to walk by and they would stop and pause like a crazy flash mob. I and my partner walked around with her leading me on a leash. Lots of room for creativity, while also proving a lot of good points. I tried to get her classes when I could. The other psychology teachers I had there weren’t as engaging.” – Student at Bellevue College

Eastern Washington University
526 5th St
Cheney, WA 99004
(509) 359-6200

Student Review: “I attended the Psychology program on the Bellevue campus of Eastern Washington University. The program was great because it allowed me to work a full time job during the day, and attend my classes in the evening, as the professors flew in from the main campus for the once a week classes. The one challenging thing about this was communication with professors had to be done mainly over email, so when needing additional help, the time was very limited as they were only on campus for a few hours a day. It was a very self-regulated program, and there were limited online classes, which was disappointing because I prefer online. The professors were all very approachable and even worked with me when I went through some troubling times to ensure I not only passed my classes but did very well in them. The one thing I would improve would be to have the professors on the campus for longer so students could meet with them more easily. ” – Student at Eastern Washington University

University of Washington
NE 45th St
Seattle, WA, United States
(206) 543-2100

Student Review: “I chose to major in psychology because my career counselor told me that I should choose what subject I love, and it was true, I love psychology. The classes were interesting. I loved to take part in the 499 classes and in the studies that were conducted on campus. I got to actually worked with the principal investigator and did my research which was quite interesting and useful in determining if this was what I want to do in the future. The only drawback was that with a four-year degree you can’t do much with Psychology. If you want to teach, you have to get a Master or PhD or even to practice as a counselor or therapist you have to get further education.” – Student at the University of Washington

Student Review: “The psychology course of study at the University of Washington was a rigorous program that I enjoyed very much. The teachers were exemplary but the class sizes were very large. While that was somewhat of a hindrance, I was still able to meet other people in the program and build close relationships with most of my instructors. Overall, my experience was a positive one as the University of Washington’s Psychology program is a very reputable, engaging, and thorough one. I gave the program a 4 out of 5 due to the large class sizes.” – Student at University of Washingtonstars-4

Washington State University
Pullman, WA, United States
(509) 335-3564

Student Review: “My experience with the psychology program at Washington State University has been nothing short of amazing. I was actually challenged to think and form opinions in my classes. The teachers and advisers were always there to help me avoid slipping through the cracks or falling behind. I attended online so this was especially important because I am not so technically inclined. My advisers and tech support received calls from me frequently and they were always willing to help me. I was challenged more and took more away from the curriculum at WSU than I had at schools I had attended prior. I sincerely look forward to graduating this year.” – Student at Washington State University

Student Review: “The psychology program at Washington State University was better than average. The community surrounding the program seemed great as I learned about the program through the Psy Chi club. I was also able to meet grad and other undergrad students early on. As a freshman and later a sophomore, I felt like I was just a number as most of my classes were huge lectures. Professors were available during mandatory office hours but it didn’t feel like enough time to fully explore the subject. Coursework was difficult and I had to use student study groups and other services offered by the university to fully understand the subject and pass with high marks. WSU did provide adequate resources. The libraries on campus had knowledgeable librarians with a large selection of journals and text to help my studies. In addition, the career fairs provided me an opportunity to talk with professionals in the field helping me shape my last two years of school to best prepare me for a job. Overall, the first year and a half felt like one long intro that required perseverance to get to what felt like a valuable education in the last two and half years.” – Student at Washington State University

Western Washington University
59 College Ave
Buckhannon, WV 26201
(304) 473-8000

Student Review: “I really enjoyed my time at Western Washington University. The teachers were very enthusiastic about their areas of expertise. Still, WWU offers little in the way of helping you establish a career. The typical advice for those in this field is to do a few years unpaid work and get an advanced degree or look elsewhere for a job. I have talked with so many graduate students who gave me the impression that an advanced degree is a good idea for anyone who’d like to get to a level where their degree and hard work will be put to good use. However, after I left the university, I highly regret that it has offered limited help finding reasonable employment.” – Student at Western Washington University

*Table Notes:
-N.Av. indicates data is not available.
-Metrics are institution-wide unless otherwise noted.
-Graduation rate is completion percentage within six years of start.
-Median (average) debt is cumulative federal loan debt for undergraduate completers in 2020-2021.
-Median earnings are from the 2020-2021 cohort 10 years post school entry.
-Net price is the average yearly price paid by full-time, first-year undergraduate students receiving financial aid. See NCES for more in-depth information.

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